KU coach Charlie Weis postgame: Rice

KU coach Charlie Weis' postgame comments following his team's 25-24 loss to Rice on Sept. 8, 2012.

Charlie Weis KU-Rice postgame, Pt. 1

Kansas coach Charlie Weis: 'All three facets of our team had an opportunity to close this game.' Weis talked after KU's 25-24 loss to Rice on Sept. 8, 2012.


TulsaJayhawk 10 years ago

I was at KU in the late 70”s, that started with a great team but fell apart when Nolan Cromwell went down. I never left early, and even the games I attend since graduating I stay through the bitter end. I really took loosing this game hard. Almost as hard as losing to Wichita State in the early 80's just before their program was shut down. It was another example of the coaching staff, and the players not mentally finishing. Coach, I’m about ready for that fist fight.

Currahee 10 years ago

Coach I respect what you're trying to do. No good thing ever comes from not experiencing a broad spectrum of emotions. This loss was hard, but I believe a very good lesson will be learned. I don't expect the team to win all or most of the games, neither does anyone. As long as they they played hard at the end of the day is good for me. Best of luck Coach Weis, I will be eagerly anticipating the games ahead.

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