KU Sports Extra — Searching for Sizzle and Dropping Bombs

Tom and Matt talk Kansas basketball, wonder where the sizzle has gone on one KU team and use some explosive language on this week's episode of KU Sports Extra. If you have a question you'd like Tom and Matt to answer on next week's episode, leave it in the comments section below.


Joe Ross 7 years, 8 months ago

Iowa State prediction? I normally don't do the homer thing, but I have to go with the Hawks on this one for all the wrong reasons. Iowa State is strong, they're playing at home, they're jacked for game day, and they're hungry to beat Kansas. But I'm drunk from a 3-0 conference record and so I'm making the homer pick: Kansas 67-63.

David Steward 7 years, 8 months ago

Tom and Matt, love the videos. The new features are fun. Please keep up the good work. Oh, use two mics so the sound doesn't fade in and out.

Tom, we need to enjoy some cigars at Centro.

I think the Hawks should win by bringing better and more consistent defense then the Clones can withstand. We just need to weather the first 8-10 minutes.

Sean Getman 7 years, 8 months ago

Hey I love the Sports Extra segment and I like the topics you cover but during this video you mentioned that Bill Self coaches to his players through the media and I was hoping you could elaborate a little more on not only when he's done that, but as well as how often players respond on the court in the following game(s).

Also, if you could talk a little more about Bill Self like maybe a weekly topic of what he believes would be a key to winning the next game and elaborate on his reasoning. I love the show!

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