KU Sports Extra — Good News for People Who Love 3-pointers

On this week's episode of KU Sports Extra, Tom and Matt talk about some obvious bad news for Kansas basketball, as well as the Jayhawks' hot three-point shooting and KU's matchup against Baylor. [If you have a question you'd like Tom and Matt to answer on a future episode of KU Sports Extra, leave it in the comments section below.]


Kent Wells 7 years, 7 months ago

My comment/question. Is Gary Bedore above all this? I mean, just a 3 minute guest spot!!! Create something for him where he can participate. He's got way tooooo much institutional knowledge to not participate! Is he union? Is he shy? "We want, Gary! We want, Gary!"

As for 3-point shooting. I'm not sure we are saying anything that different. Inside out - outside in. Whatever. It's not like we are the midmajors of the past that took us to task with that 3 point threat. Or is everyone playing midmajor to Kentucky this year??? Regardless, good three point shooting opens up the inside and strong inside play opens up the 3-ball. This year is weird where the outside is maybe better than the previous teams that were better inside. So, Coach wants the inside to still be there and he is right. But embrace the 3 too. They are really dropping for them this year!

The most obnoxious person in sports was kinda gift wrapped this week... And what week couldn't it be Manziel?

I think it is El Tigre. I mean he had to put it out there that he needed to work out his golf game? Duuh. I personally think he needs to get back to prostitutes and sexting. His game was much better then. It's like Metallica after they gave up drugs/alcohol and cut their hair. Boring.

Joe Ross 7 years, 7 months ago

Feelin' the love guys. And it's Valentine's Day! I guess that makes us sweethearts...laughs.

Seriously, you guys do a great job and kusports is where I get 99% of my Jayhawk News. Love this Sports Extra spot in particular cause you get it straight from the horses' mouths. Strong work!

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