KU Sports Extra — Don't Call it a Comeback

Tom and Matt discuss the importance of Perry Ellis returning for Kansas basketball and the quarterback situation with the KU football program before venturing into the darkness with their "most obnoxious" picks.


Joe Ross 7 years, 5 months ago

If Zenger messes this up...

I mean, look. If he hires Ontjes and he doesnt perform, the worst people are gonna say is that they couldnt see it coming. Ontjes has an impressive resume. Besides, its not like Kansas has been stellar. Its not like missing on a hire for the head men's basketball coach, for example. TAKE A CHANCE on someone who might rocket you to greatness. Zenger seems to be trying to play it safe by choosing those who have had experience in higher levels of college ball.

This is completely dumb.

For one thing, none of them have really distinguished themselves among the ranks of other coaches. Ontjes has! Turgeon has, for that matter.

Zenger has already whiffed with Charlie Weis. If he gets it wrong with basketball, you have to judge his time as AD as a bit of a failure (depending on how Beaty turns out).

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