Bill Self prefers combo guards

Instead of having a primary ball handler in a starting point guard role, Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self would prefer three combo guards all capable of bringing the ball up and making plays.

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Rodney Crain 7 years, 11 months ago

I don't care if he has 3 dominos pizza delivery boys bringing the ball up and making plays. As long as they can do it without turnovers and not freeze up when pressed or zoned. It would be nice if someone has the ability hit some 3's and defend their position too. Our recent failures in the NCAA's, and our concern for next season have and are centered on who will be doing those exact things for us. If you do not have the players to play with 3 combo guards successfully I would hope he would adjust to what the team can do and not keep trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.

Erich Hartmann 7 years, 11 months ago

And you dont think Bill Self is aware of this? Since you have shown excellence in the capt. obvious category, let me ask you this: Was there evidence that Elijah Johnson would NOT be able to run the point his senior year? It seems his Jr season, he looked steadier than Tyshawn, the few times he ran the point as a junior (when Tyshawn on the bench). SO what was the predictor of failure to Bill Self. He expected EJ to perform.

Same goes for Naadir Tharpe: several game stretches as a sophomore where he had 19-20asst to 1 t.o., so WHERE was the predictor of failure?

Josh Selby almost certainly would have been better in Yr2, if he had been wise enough to return.

Are you expecting CLAIRVOYANCE from Bill Self?

Almost NO frosh is good enough to run Self's complex offense, not Sherron, not Chalmers, not Russell Robinson. Not Tyshawn, not EJ. Not Reed. Not Brady. Do you get my point? What should our expectations be regarding freshman Devonte Graham? I'd of course love for one of these kids to surprise us as a freshman, but the frosh learning curve is steep. Steeper for Self's system.

Stop overreacting. Michigan, Florida, MichState, Syracuse all got bounced out of the Tourney...and they had less issues than '13-14 KU did.

Rodney Crain 7 years, 11 months ago

Relax Erich, I wish there was a pill for Homers to take so that when anyone voices a negative opinion, even one as mild as mine was here, they do not go off the deep end with emotion. I love it I am the one overreacting LOL. My point is that I wish Self would be more open to adjusting to the talent he has rather than expecting his team to fit his proven approach to coaching as the season goes on. Your player examples prove my point actually. As those players who played at a level less than expected, demonstrated they could not handle the point as the season wore on, I would have loved to see more flexibility to our preparation or approach. Also you say it has to do with Self's system then list teams that had season long starter injuries to deal with, MI, MSU, or FL who reached the final four as teams we should be compared to??? By the way SY had trouble scoring the second half of the season and like KU they do not adjust much. So if voicing a simple opinion with a point means I am captain obvious, can I say I love all the caps/italics in your post as a way to stress your obvious emotional response to my post? Mercy sakes alive, really?

Erich Hartmann 7 years, 11 months ago

Self's system (obviously) was crafted and honed when he was a mid-major coach. How else do you take a no-mickey-D Tulsa squad to the Elite8 and a 32-5 record (1999)? So as the recruiting got better, so did the results. But where Self's system gets "shorted" is by the short-time players: They leave before they can master all of what they are supposed to do for the team (so the team game falls short)...AND before they have developed fully for themselves (their own capabilities could be even better). Yes, this applies to Wiggins, Embiid, Selby, etc...

Face it, Self's system (and Izzo's and Krzyzewski's) need multi-year players.

We are not John Calipari's Kentucky...and even Calipari knows his players get a ton better as sophomores than they are as frosh.

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