KU Sports Extra — Comparing Jayhawks, Present and Past

Tom and Matt look at this season's Kansas basketball roster and (try to) compare Bill Self's current Jayhawks with players he coached at KU in the past.


Jerry Walker 7 years, 9 months ago

Well boys, that certainly was an exercise. And here's another way to look at it...these are the "looks like" rosters you came up with.

Keegan...Collins, Johnson, Aldrich, Miles, Rush, Wright, Galindo, Q. Thomas, Kleinmann, Marcus Morris, Giles.

Tait...Collins, Releford, Jackson, Hawkins, Morningstar, Rush, Teahan, Young, Giles, Arthur, Wesley.

My pick for the starting team on Keegan's roster...Collins, Rush, Wright, Morris, Aldrich.

For Tait's roster...Collins, Rush, Releford, Arthur, Jackson.

They're both pretty salty. Now how do you think this year's team stacks up against those two "looks like" rosters?

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