KU Sports Extra — The Search is Over

Now that the search for KU football's next coach is complete, Tom Keegan and Matt Tait examine the good and the bad that awaits David Beaty.


Chris Bailey 7 years, 10 months ago

Think Josh Smith. That kid was a gamer. He could've played. I heard from someone that I won't say that when he played on scout team during the Gill era he'd get yelled at for playing too hard. Sounds like someone who should have gotten a look. Nate Dreiling. DII defensive player of the year a couple times. He most definitely could have played here and we would have had a dominant pair of LB's. We'll never know. Gill didn't wanna recruit Heeney either and Smith talked him into giving him a look. Yeah we need to take a closer look in our backyard. Theses kids are redshirts that will improve once in the program much more than the Texas kids. Not saying they will be better but they should improve MORE since they don't play football year round in Kansas like they do in Texas.

Chris Bailey 7 years, 10 months ago

It's very frustrating to know that we had two kids out of a dominate program in Hutchinson. Those kids knew what it took to win. They had that attitude. It wasn't a matter if they'd make it to state it was a matter of whether or not they could win every year. They were counted out early this year but kept their cool and made it to the title game against none other than an ex Randy Dreiling Coach in Dustin Delaney. I might add that Dreiling took his St. Thomas team to the title game in his first year where they ran into a dominant team. Would have loved to see Carrol 2014 and Hutch 2009 play that would have been a heck of a game. It's obvious we need to look deeper into the talent here. We do have some talent. And we shouldn't be letting it go elsewhere.

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