Relive Sherron Collins' favorite Fieldhouse memory

Sherron Collins discusses his most memorable game at Allen Fieldhouse, a 23-point, 8-for-14 performance in an 80-77 victory against Missouri. Included are highlights from the game, played Jan. 15, 2007.

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Ten Yeahs 12 years, 7 months ago

awesome game

but on SC's last driving bucket and our final points it should have been an "and 1" -clearly a blocking foul should have been called...but does it matter? nah. but jus saying and to the officials credit it was a close call and it was the last minute and this is why I would not want to be an official because of tough plays like this, in real time this is a tough call to make, the difference in making a no call and a blocking call in real all n all thanks to the officials for at least making a no call ......

and how bout that game tonight?!!! oh man it is gonna be great!!

now should i go to my western civ class tonight or watch the biggest KU/ksu game in years? now THIS is an easy call to make

man it would be sweet to see this one live......

now should i skip writing my western civ paper to travel to lawrence and see this game live or write the paper, turn it in and watch the game on TV? ehhkk...tough call

easy call - get off the dang computer and at least start this gosh dang greek tragedy paper

(sidenote - last thing - you know you're a true blue n crimson KU fan when during your western civ teacher's lecture on greek tragedy you're pondering all the similarly tragic KU losses over the years........syracuse, syracuse, syracuse, duke, duke, illinois, g-tech, rhode island, arizona, ucla, utep, killer bees, m-state......but we've sure had some epics.....unlv, shaq's LSU, duke, davidson, unc, arkansas, florida, memphis, and sherron collins freshman missouri game and.......tonight's ksu game! woooooo hoooo!)

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