Jayhawks reveal banner, defeat FGCU

On Dr. Phog Allen's birthday, and the night the KU men's basketball team's official championship banner was revealed, the Jayhawks manhandled Florida Gulf Coast, 85-45.

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HawkFanEddie 14 years ago

I love the banners but the numeric order looks ridiculous. 1922, 1923, 2008, 1988 and 1952. Did a 1st grader have a say in this???

Shelly Harshaw 14 years ago

HawkFanEddie, Just once in your miserable life have you had one positive thing to say?

JayCeph 14 years ago

You know, I think HawkFanEddie has a point. I'm sure he (like myself) loves the banner. Its just the placement that looks off. It looks like KU wasn't paying attention to what they were doing.You can have the nicest pair of glasses but if you wear them on the back of your head, it doesn't quite get the job done...

Paul Meyer 14 years ago

When did O'Reilly become part of the floor?

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