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5-star target R.J. Hampton passes on KU to head overseas

I'm done with following recruiting... such a massive waste of time. Watching updates, crystal balls, tweets, etc for months and the drama and the suspense only for this garbage. Nothing personal against the kid, but this happens far too often with the build up and excitement and then nothing. Maybe I'm bitter, but there's no predicting when it comes to the mind of a kid and the path of money. I've followed him and dozens of others over the years and going forward will just check this site to see who signed on...
In the end it's always about money. No kid has a dream of going to play in Australia. The end goal is money and when it's flashed in front of you, education is a distant second.

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Report: Hampton family waiting to see who stays in NBA Draft before making college decision

So, I like what his dad says about him and Dotson in the backcourt... but is he really going to come here if Dotson is back as PG? I can't see them both playing PG and getting valuable minutes

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4-star forward Jalen Wilson requests release from Michigan, reopens recruitment

I read yesterday that Hampton dropping Memphis was not accurate and they are still in the race... Why are they omitted above? Or has he actually ruled them out somewhere?

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3-point shot has been an emphasis for Dedric Lawson ahead of NBA combine

I think if Dedric is going to be successful at the next level, he'll have to be a jump shot or 3 point specialist. I don't believe he has the size or athleticism or toughness to bang underneath. He's shown he can hit them, but most likely spends a good chunk of time in the G league perfecting it

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Jayhawks sitting on the brink of serious recruiting upswing

Such a roller coaster of emotions for the fans, schools and players. I sometimes miss the days before technology was so prevalent and we didn't interpret tweets or try and decipher emojis and their meanings. It doesn't help either where they have televised ceremonies and hats laid out on tables to heighten the hype and tension. I get it and know that the kids should enjoy their day to announce, but sometimes it's just too much.

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New KU forward Tristan Enaruna makes commitment to Kansas official

Question here: Is he rated in the top 50 mainly based on his potential? Because a 10 PPG average isn't exactly mind blowing.

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The idea of 5-star guard R.J. Hampton picking Kansas gains momentum

Out of curiosity, what makes you think he's not a dominant player?

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KU target, grad transfer Rayjon Tucker closing in on a decision after Kansas visit

i think Grimes has a 0% chance of being drafted. Tucker could be an option for the NBA but there are just so many kids wanting to go that the odds of him landing in the top 60 aren't great

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