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Tom Keegan: Expect dogfight tonight at Allen

Did you just compare Michael Vick to a psychopathic mass-murder and the worst person in the history of the world? I was as disgusted as people could get about Vick's conviction, but he served his time and justice was completed. He is remorseful and that stigma will never leave him (nor should it). But to compare him to those two...that's probably excessive.

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How ’bout that team: Montana has no answers for KU

I'm looking forward to seeing them in person here in San Diego tomorrow night. I, too, am a bit concerned if Kansas doesn't bring similar intensity. The crowd can get rowdy here, but take them out of the game early and it could also be an easy victory. Here's hoping for a dominant KU win!

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Wichita State holds off Indiana to set up Sunday showdown with Kansas

Be careful what you wish for WSU...

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Big 12 teams confident of NCAA success

I hope you're right about these Jayhawks, Doug!

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Column: WSU holds at least one tourney edge

And conversely, KU can't look ahead either and forget about NMSU. It shouldn't be a close game, but hopefully there will be a drive there by these Jayhawks.

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Column: KU vs. WSU? Yes, please

San Diego State

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Jayhawks wary of latest road trip to TCU

I realize that losing three in a row that year sucked...but if I recall correctly, we still won the Big 12 regular season AND tournament and got a #1 seed and were a stupid-crazy Michigan comeback away from an Elite 8 (at least) game. I think if you ask most teams in the nation if they'd settle for a three-game stretch of losses for a chance to be a #1 seed and still win you conference & tournament, they'd take it. No need to be bashing Coach about that game from a few years go.

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Obama: No. 1 seeds will rule in NCAA Tournament

Sad day. Let's hope the curse is broken somehow...

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Jayhawks 'at an even keel' upon arrival in Texas

I live in Topeka and remember that 2001 game very well, I was actually there. I was on vacation visiting my grandparents in Texas and at the time my two favorite teams were Illinois and Kansas, in that order. Illinois because they had Bill Self (he's been my favorite coach for MANY years now, I just like his attitude). Imagine how awesome it was for me when he joined KU. Anyway, I remember that those two were going to play, so I got some scalped nosebleed tickets, and it was a REALLY rough game. I remember my KU buddies talking about how unfair the calling was, but to me, it looked like they just got out-hustled in that game. Lots of diving on the floor. Then Illinois faced Zona w/ Luke Walton and I was so peeved because Bill Walton was one of the commentators. It was so annoying listening to him talk, because of course he was biased. Not that that has anything to do with the game in particular...just was annoying. Gave me something to complain about, I guess. Anyway, Rock Chalk!

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