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Leaps & bounds: Justin Wesley works to earn playing time

I've always had a soft spot for this kid/man. He's given his best, and thanks to his brother he got to ride the pine and practice and play a little bit at a place that many other players only dream about. My hat is off to him. I always thought it was interesting that he chose to stay here instead of trying to transfer somewhere else where he might get to play. Didn't he transfer here from somewhere else? That's admirable. I thought maybe with some confidence that he might've been on the floor, but look who he's had to play behind for his entire career. I think he's that ambassador type of kid that doesn't get the credit he deserves, and it's nice to see him getting some ink for his perseverance AND his mad hops.

Thank you J-Wes: you're a credit to yourself, to your family, and to our U.

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Standing tall: A look at the top centers in the Bill Self era

HEM, Neither Morris? I guess I understand that when I look at your list again.

Got room for TT off the bench?

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Standing tall: A look at the top centers in the Bill Self era

I'd put Kaun above Aldrich. Excepting height (maybe), his physical gifts are better than Aldrich, but he always seemed to be playing waaaay above what his "actual" ceiling probably was. I like both Kaun's and Aldrich's quirkiness as well. Kaun played lots of good games, and did lots of the dirty work that allowed the stars around him to shine. He facilitated lots of offense with his physicality on the defensive and and on the defensive glass. I know we're all still misty-eyed because that '08 team was so special (they had "juice" and swagger, which is something our teams since have been missing - IMO), but Kaun was part of that crew, and his work and personality added a special ingredient to an already-special team.

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McLemore sliding before Thursday’s NBA draft

Yeah. Read it. His inner circle isn't keeping him focused and "someone" is fronting him denominations larger than the normal amount used to cause precipitation in the club. This denomination is about 20x the normal size, which is odd for a kid that hasn't been drafted/gotten a paycheck yet. Look, I was privy to some info about why he might be "struggling" and "sliding". There's a story about a high first-round draft pick sliding, and there's a story about WHY that's happening - the report here is about the former. My original comment is about the latter. Some people are their own worst enemy: especially if they don't have the experience to save themselves and if their crew is ONLY out for fun.

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McLemore sliding before Thursday’s NBA draft

From witness accounts, and I hate even mentioning it, but bad news travels fast and far. The story is focusing on his "slide" ("...McLemore’s troubles stem from his inner circle and poor conditioning.."), so I wanted to know the story behind it, and it was offered before I could even ask the person that would know.

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McLemore sliding before Thursday’s NBA draft

BMac looks out of shape and is struggling in workouts due to his "other" activities "in da' club"...wasting money that's not his (yet), and "other" behavior that will make you look, feel, and perform poorly the day after. Hard to go from being a have-not to a have and to still make "good" decisions. I hope he gets it sorted out.

Teams draft on "potential", and BMac has it, so where he falls might surprise a few people. Best of luck to him.

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Terrific threes: A look at KU’s top small forwards in the Self era

These guys did their jobs with their lists: look at the debate. Wonderful work to everyone involved.

I'd have loved to see a Self-coach Langford, or a Langford w/out Ego Giddens suckin' up more PT and shots than he truly deserved. That phantom charge agains K-Freeze kept up from greater things. He definitely has been one of my favorites. He pulled that team from the fire numerous times, as did Rush. It seems like Langford would catch fire in games, but lots of times he would be the only one. It seems that Rush would catch fire, and others would sort of follow his lead. I love them both, and I have lots of trouble putting one above the other. I also don't have a problem with Morningstar being on the list. Let's face it, the kid could play, and the team was better with him on the floor than without. If OurSelf put him on the floor, then he belonged out there.

I always point out that Releford and Little BOTH played out of position for at least a season. They were playing the 4 part-time, so their work at guard has been somewhat diminished from an offensive standpoint. Releford belongs on the list, and Little might as well.

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Trail Blazers work out Elijah Johnson

JHFT, hit it on the head: EJ had the misfortune of playing out of postion. Over the course of his years here, he did NOTHING, if by that you mean that he was the consummate teammate, a role-player, Mr. March (the last 2 years - his EARLY March this year was pretty good), and he handled himself pretty well with the media, and put our program in a good light. He did that for 4 years, and of course he flubbed that up our last game, but 99% is higher than most of us will ever score in anything.

Releford played out of position for 2 years.

It's nice to see both of them get a shop, and if they can defend and score a little bit, they might earn a spot. I'd agree that EJ will likely have to play in Europe though, and good for him. If you could make more money at a tech company and see a part of the world you'd never been to, you'd jump at the chance. So what if these guys aren't working for Microsoft, Apple, or Google, they're still working a respectable job for pretty good money.

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Will Andrew Wiggins average over/under 18 points next season?

I've wondered how well Mr. Wiggins will score for the year he's here. I wasn't thinking anywhere near 18; I was thinking 15ish, but many above make the great point that we don't return much scoring. I'm also thinking that his ppg avg, is going to depend on they "type" of scoring he does.

That said, I'm wondering how "assertive" we want him to be. If he's as an efficient scorer as BMac, then by all means, he should try to fill it up every night. I just wonder how we will feel when he puts it up 18-30 times/game, and goes 6-for-23. I'm guessing it will depend on if we win or if we lose those games.

I'm guessing that he will facilitate much more than any of us would imagine. I can see this kid having ~6 assists/game, I can also see him making it to the line, and getting lots of points that way. I'm guessing that he'll avg. 4-6 "junk" points (stickbacks, tips, loose-ball layups). I also believe his ppg will depend on our guards and how well they shoot the ball. If teams try to play gimmicky to keep AW out of the paint, our guys will have to knock down some jumpers, and everyone will have to be acconted for: that leave AW space to work. Putting it all together, if he's a volume shooter (10-15 ppg easy), adding junk points (4 ppg), and f/t (6-10 ppg), then he could be closer to 20 by the end. If he's not volume shooting, those numbers might be lower, but the results might make us happier when all is said and done. If he's volume AND efficient like BMac, then the sky is the limit.

I like to use Sherron as an example: at any point in his career, he could've gotten the team 15-20 ppg, and in a variety of ways: from distance, driving it, and f/t. He kept us in lots of games by force of will, and even if he didn't have much of a cast, he had a good enough cast that he didn't have to do as much as he tried to. He cost others "development" time, and we faded before many felt we should've. The kid came here ready-made, but he had to wait the system. When he WAS the system, we didn't do so well. AW is supposed to be much more ready-made than Sherron, but he joins a team that's much like the team Sherron had his last 2 years: it had some stars, but they weren't quite ready to shine. I hope this crew is ready to. By Feb/March, I'm guessing that AW will be averaging the number of points he needs to for the team to win. I'm not sure we'll see that early-on though.

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Self downplays run-in with 'animated' Iowa State fan

The call at the end of the game could've gone either way. EJ missed the shot, and got his own rebound. He was fouled before the collision with Niang, anyway. You want to win? Rebound the ball.

The announcers were saying that "Dentures" (or "Chompers", whatever, #13) was "unstoppable" at one point in the game, or that KU didn't have an answer for him. Hell, he carried the ball twice on one possession to get baskets both times. If you let an offensive player do something against the rules to gain an advantage, that's bad officiating as well. The basket interference wasn't on K. Young either. Bad officiating that went ISU's way. Doubt they complained much about that.

Good game though.

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