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The Day After: Waived by the Wheat Shockers

OK - - what happened to football news? Time to move on!
The last FOOTBALL posting on this website was Feb. 24th, or is my system have a bug? Here in Colorado, Spring practice concluded several weeks ago. Does Kansas football still have Spring practice? When is the inter squad game? Why no news of football?

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Click here for correct pronunciation for KU basketball recruit Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk (KU recruit)

I think we all would appreciate a nick name as soon as possible.

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Kansas’ Self relishes Tisdale Award

Congratulations, and thanks for the interesting stories about Mr. Tisdale.

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Leaders: Tharpe's big night keeps KU unbeaten in Big 12

You are NOT the only one.

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Leaders: Tharpe's big night keeps KU unbeaten in Big 12

Two or three times a game he is striped of the ball as he is charging in for a layup or dunk. Surely this can be improved?

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Painful reminders: A look at Bill Self’s saddest setbacks

Did not read the article - do not want to see it again - a waste of ink or I should say space on computer

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Bill Self: Security tricky subject

Wouldn't it make sense to have a staff person (and maybe we do this now, but I have a feeling we don't) sit down with the signed recruit and his family to go over the rules after the player has signed? Perhaps even bring into this group the players coach and close adult mentors. Not only explain the rules, but give examples of things that are OK and things that are not legit. Include in this session penalties that can be levied against the player and/or the school with examples of penalties assessed by the various authorities in recent years. This staff person would then update the families and others close to the player yearly or whenever warranted by specific situations.

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Opinion: KU deserves No. 1 seed over Duke

Nor is it the PGA.

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Notebook: Bill Self fired up during big win; Rio Adams 'frustrated'

Saw it. He must have not been able to think of anything else to say. Yes, funny.

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Kansas, nation struggle to score

OK, got it.

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