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Danny Manning perfectly equipped to aid Bill Self, Team USA at FIBA Americas U18 Championship

Danny Maning returning to KU would certainly be a plus but I imagine he is hoping to succeed as a head coach.

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Administrative salaries jumped by 42 percent in a single year at Kansas Athletics; KU salaries top K-State's

Some of it could have been used for scholarships for non-athlete students who help generate income for the athletic department by buying tickets and attending games.

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Dudarev delivers record-breaking performance for KU in men's hammer throw

Congratulations to Gleb Dudarev on his outstanding performance. Best wishes for his future.

A big thank you to the others who represented KU at the relays.

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Former Jayhawk Nick Collison shown some love by Russell Westbrook, OKC fans

Congratulations to Nick on his long and successful career. I loved watching him play when he was a Jayhawk.

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KU big man Udoka Azubuike still mulling over decision to stay or go

I hope he really doesn't think he is ready for the NBA.

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Malik Newman reflects on KU’s season

I hope he comes back. It helps the team to have players with experience,esp. post season.

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Mitch Lightfoot grateful for KU’s seniors and Jayhawks’ postseason run

I hope we get to see Mitch play more next year. He certainly made progress this year and did what he could to help the team.

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Kansas-Penn not your run-of-the-mill 1-16 NCAA Tournament matchup

Kansas won so the naysayers will have to find something else to talk/write about.

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Udoka Azubuike benefited from brief 3 minutes vs. Penn

Coach knows best.

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5 stats that popped for Kansas in dreadful close to regular season

Why is KU limited to just seven players? Devonte does need help. I don't know how he holds up playing 40 minutes of every game. It is unreal to expect that of him or any other player.

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