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Things are about to get tougher for Kansas football, but it's hard to pick against the Jayhawks right now

Predictions are difficult. Nobody knows what will happen today. One play at a time. Rock Chalk!

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Kansas football defense improving but still a work in progress

Brian Borland has come a long way from his stint at Baker University. And he has worked with Leipold at Whitewater to Buffalo to Kansas. That being said , Borland faces the biggest challenge of his career, can his defense stop Power 5 caliber offenses in the Big 12?

The defense truly is a work in progress, and I am impressed with the depth rotation being utilized. Coach P is rotating 6 or 7 defensive tackles and Coach O is rotating 4 or 5 defensive ends. Coach Simpson is rotating 6 linebackers and Coach Peterson is rotating 6 in the secondary. (Borland also helps coach the safeties.)

I would forecast that the KU Defense will continue to improve, and that they can at least "slow down" these high powered Big 12 offenses. However, the KU Offense will most likely have to continue to put up big numbers and points for the Jayhawks to win games. Rock Chalk!

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With Iowa State as the standard, Kansas football sets sights on taking down the Cyclones this week to move to 5-0

Kansas Football was destroyed last year at Ames. The game was over by half time. It must have been a very humbling experience for Lance Leipold.

That being said, KU should be competitive this weekend with the current ISU team. I would forecast another tough, close competitive game. And as Lance often says, get to the 4th quarter with a chance to win. And in fact, KU has often been ahead going into the 4th quarter, this season.

The goal for KU is perfectly clear on SAT, to defeat the Iowa State Cyclones! Rock Chalk!

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Packed Memorial Stadium made moving to 4-0 even sweeter for Kansas football players

In the mathematical world, the KU attendance leap can best be described as a "step change function"!

It is truly amazing how KU winning has immediately resulted in sell out crowds at DBKMS.

To borrow a Yogi-ism, "nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded"!

Rock Chalk!

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Kansas football searching for ways to avoid slow starts

To make matters worse, Duke has been "jump starting" out to leads early in games. If KU wins the coin toss, I would elect to receive first. The KU Offense has played really well. The KU Defense is still a work in progress, as they blend in 6 transfers. Brian Borland's "I don't know" comment was honest, but concerning. Rock Chalk!

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Week 4 preview: Kansas' expectations, excitement growing entering game vs. Duke

Execution is the third parameter required today, in conjunction with excitement and expectations.

I anticipate a tough contest. Rock Chalk!

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Asked again about the Nebraska opening, Lance Leipold shows strong commitment to Kansas; now how does KU make sure it stays that way

Joey, I agree it is a national story. But, I disagree with local media "fanning the flames". Ryan Leaf never mentioned Nebraska, so this article and title are misleading. This is a huge distraction for coaches and players. Leave Lance Leipold alone, pretty please.

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Asked again about the Nebraska opening, Lance Leipold shows strong commitment to Kansas; now how does KU make sure it stays that way

After listening to the Ryan Leaf interview of Lance Leipold, I never heard the "Nebraska" word mentioned.

We need to "Leaf" Lance Leipold alone, and let him focus on the task at hand!

The only game that matters right now, is Duke this Saturday, one game at a time, one week at a time!

Matt Tait enjoys "blowing everything out of proportion" and "looking too far ahead", in my humble opinion.

However, I do understand that sports writers get paid to attract readers attention, and he has done that!

Rock Chalk!

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With words and wardrobe, Kansas football coach Lance Leipold continues to emphasize team above everything in wake of Jayhawks 3-0 start

When Lance Leipold talks, I listen!

Lance is saying that the coaches and players are totally focused on the Duke game.

And as Al McGuire used to say, "there is no "I" in Team"!

Rock Chalk!

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Jalon Daniels' masterful performance leads Kansas to emphatic 48-30 win at Houston

Memo to Randy Bombardier, "Welcome back Bryce"?

Are you kidding me? Landon has "rubbed our nose" in the dirt for 10 years!

Now that KU is winning, fair weather fan Landon wants to come back?

I vote "No", stick with the Iowa Hawkeyes, please exit KU Sports.

Rock Chalk!

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