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Defensive struggles a real concern for third-ranked Kansas

maybe I am wrong, but what I see is a lot of confusion when there is a screen who stays with the ball or who drops down. I may be wrong but sometimes it seems once the guard gets back to their man the big is still pursuing leaving the roller open and causing the weak side help to commit to far leaving the outside shooter open or the guard being stuck with a big in the paint.

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Notebook: Lucas emerges as 'most consistent' player; Jackson earns another technical

I was wondering the same thing why wasn't that reviewed.

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Tom Keegan: Frank Mason playing better now than Sherron Collins ever did

The best is yet to come , I have been beating this drum for 4 years now and will continue to because I know that there is more than what we have seen. Trust me when I say it ain't about individual goals its all about cutting the nets down at the end. He is going to be whatever this team needs him to be.

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KU freshman Udoka Azubuike out for the season with wrist injury

Wow one of my favorite players this year was looking forward to seeing just how much he would develop during the year.

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Keegan: Versatile, intense Josh Jackson makes it tough for upset-minded foes

I really like the fact that Josh seems to have the win no matter what I need to do mentality. He always seem to have some type of presence when he is on the floor even if he is not scoring. I sort of feel like with Wiggins that the guys and the coaches expected more of him than they do with Josh. From what I see its more of a we are going to do this mentality no matter what we have to do.

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KU's Frank Mason III named Big 12 Player of the Week

Well deserved

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KU's Jackson, Mason and Graham combine for 58 points in win over UAB

what games are you watching and why are you always so critical of this young man. Who are you? Can he get better in some areas ,yes but this is the second time I have seen you make a post about him scoring . How many times has he lob the ball in to the post and the big either loses it or brings it down instead of going right up with it or how many times has he passed it to a wide open 3 pointer shooter and the shot didn't fall. You ever thought maybe he is playing the way his coaches want him to play.

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Former Jayhawk Brannen Greene selected 7th overall in D League draft

A nice respectful young man I wish nothing but good fortune for him and I feel with his skill set he will eventually find his way to the big league.

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KU guard Frank Mason named to Bob Cousy Watch List

Harlan I share your sentiments but being a biased Frank fan , it is hard for me to stomach when he is under evaluated and being told he is not good enough. So don't be so hard on me for my feeling that way. I hear the things that you guys are saying and take them with a grain of salt.

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KU guard Frank Mason named to Bob Cousy Watch List

Marius I don't know what you meant when you said go back to watching Deliverance but I am going to leave it at that. Also if you had actually read my post I said I wonder if, not you said. All I know is that from what I know the person that the award is named for wasn't a one man show and actually was surrounded by some of the best talent in the NBA during his era, so foolish of me to think the award would personify those characteristics that Frank possess. And Marius last time I checked Tyler Ulis,Kris Dunn,Isiah Taylor and Fred VanFleet were all in the NBA and maybe I'm wrong but I could have sworn the award goes to a college player. One last thing is not that whether I believe that they all have a chance but whom ever put them on it thinks so. And to Jay and your point he isn't about individual awards but 100 percent committed to helping his team win a national championship and that I do know for sure.

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