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Frank Mason III named 2017 Naismith Trophy winner

That shows how little a person you are to try and belittle me instead of just saying that your judgement was wrong. I don't have to pat myself on the back you moron and whatever other moron who made that statement. It was alright for you and others to get on this site to not only make snap judgements about some of these kids before they get a chance to prove themselves, so what you need to do is smack yourself in the face and I do visit this site all the time , but I was taught that sometimes if you don't have nothing good to say then don't say nothing at all. Practice it sometime.

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Frank Mason III named 2017 Naismith Trophy winner

Where is the person that said that he had no chance of winning not only this award but the Bob Cousy Award would they please come forward . I am glad that what I said on this site 4 years ago when many had no faith in Frank that he was able to prove those wrong and show the Jayhawk nation what I had seen in him before he ever played his first game at Kansas. I will be a Jayhawk Fan for life because of the passion that many of you show for Kansas basketball. Now its time to prove all the doubters wrong on the next level.

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Mason, Jackson, Self all pick up Big 12 hardware

I can remember going back and forth with a couple of people about the Cousy Award, but what do I know. I am glad that I am able to say once again I told you so. Some said if he lead the team in scoring then the team would have a bad record which was not the case. Now hopefully I can make one more prediction and that Kansas will win the National Championship. Can I please get someone to argue that they won't.

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Townsend brothers tie Kansas, UCLA conference title streaks together

Coach T a stand up guy and has guided Frank from day one. He always have given it to him straight.

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Benton Smith: Carlton Bragg looked more like the player KU hoped for

I try to not post anything negative about anybody else opinion, but Steve Zimmerman you are getting under my skin. You constantly have this hard critique of Frank and then you have the nerve to say when the last time somebody threw Carlton a lob as if the guys are going out of there way not to. I have high expectations for Carlton and I for one feel that he is an important part of the team for the stretch run,but you give your reasoning for why he is not receiving any lobs because I would definitely like to hear it. And by the way I am sick of your comments about what Frank needs to do , again he needs to do what his coaches tell him to do and from where I am sitting it seems to be working and not what you feel he needs to do because of your strange idea of what your expectations are. I have in the past apologized for my attitude towards your comments but not this time because its obvious you have a bias not me.

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West Virginia ends KU's winning streak

I was just wondering how many free throws did Frank shoot and how many times was he knocked to the ground on his drives.

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Frank Mason's case for national player of year gaining momentum

So I guess he still has no shot at the Bob Cousy Award,let me see if he leads the team in scoring then that means the team is not winning and a number of other things that were said to not only eliminate him from Player of the Year consideration , but the Bob Cousy Award as well. By the way he could care less for any of those individual awards ,but there is only one award he is interested in and that is National Champion and that is a fact. Sometime to his detriment he has never played like that and never will, he just wants to win and what ever it takes to make that happen he will do it. As I have stated before don't take my word because I will always have a bias toward him especially when the actions shown are being overlooked or he is being downgraded.

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Frank Mason jumps from fourth option to potential All-American

I am so happy that the words that I offered came true. I was really in my feelings that day and when I look back at the things I said back then. I am glad to say now I told you so.

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Tom Keegan: A floater is the newest weapon in Mason's repertoire

I have to apologize again because of my bias toward Frank and I have to remember sometimes to be able to accept any criticism of him. He always talks about he can do things better and he is his strongest critic. Hopefully you will see my comments for what they are worth. I encourage you to continue to be critical of his shortcomings so that he will continue to strive to do better.

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Tom Keegan: A floater is the newest weapon in Mason's repertoire

It appears that you always got something negative to say about Frank, what is it with you, 1 floater made 1 missed that is 50 percent. I want to see your post after the West Virginia game because I am confident that he will once again as always make you eat your words like he has been doing all year.

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