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A special view on Game Day

+1 to what bpjhawk said. What a courageous young man and and family.

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Being Reesing: The curious, glamorous, wacky and utterly unbelievable world of one of Lawrence’s most famed residents

No surprises here. Whether on the football field or in private industry, we're going to hear all about the future successes of Todd Reesing. What an impressive young man.

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Offseason anticipation almost over

So jazzed....have been waiting for this all summer! Want to see everyone play....the known quantities, second stringers, newcomers, eligible freshmen......well, don't really want to see the punter play. Sorry Alonso!

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Jayhawk Flashback: Oklahoma, 10/4/97

I remember TA chortling in the postgame press conference about Vann's run and calling it a "sucker play". When you watch it again, you see what he means - the LG pulls and plows whoever that LB was (who did a weak job meeting the blocker in the hole, btw) and Vann was gone by the time he reached the 8-yard line. Who the hell pulls a guard inside your own 2? TA!!.....the riverboat gambler that he was.......

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A bizarre BCS Championship prediction

Even if they do go undefeated, you'd have to wonder what the SoS figure would be for ND at the end of the year. Lots of name programs with history, but most, if not all, are in down cycles or just rebuilding (Washingon, Wazzu, Michigan).

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Jayhawk Flashback: Colorado, 10/28/06

What I remember vividly from that '95 Colorado game was Koy Detmer going down with a knee injury (later turned out to be an ACL). When he came back later in the game, he dropped back to pass, planted his right leg, and his right knee buckled/twisted/did a half-Charleston. Koy just dropped the pig as he grabbed his knee. Sickening to watch. But a great team outcome.

And one of the great KU names, Manolito Jones, running back a blocked punt for a score.

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Student newspaper offers options to obscene chant at KU football games

How about "Score f***ing fast so we can play f***ing offense again!"?

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Woodling: Army game spectacle

I want to see a game a Michie Stadium on a Saturday afternoon in October. Army-Navy game in Philly in early December? Pass.......

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