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A fresh start

Its actually my daughter. If I had a son, he would drink the beer and give me the empty.

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A fresh start

turehawk93, I think he was talking to me. Now I have to chew my kids butt because a 4 year old is fetching beer faster.

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A fresh start

kushaw, I think you and I are on the same page. I agree with your overview of our offense. I don't know if I like our offensive system, but I am a fan that pays to go to games. Self is a basketball junkie who gets paid to do what we all think we can do better. I think with our guards, we could put more pressure on the defense and get more open looks in the post if we could draw another defender from guard penetration. I don't like all the screens we have our post players doing, but on the cut to the block after the screen, if we get the ball reversed quickly, the post look is there. We have a lot to work on defensively. I feel like we switch too often and that draws a lot of mismatch opportunities for the opposing team, but again, Self knows what he is doing and is a great teacher. All I know how to do is teach my 5 year old to get me a beer from the fridge in less than 10 seconds.

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A fresh start

I honestly don't think Cole had a bad game. The only thing I think HCBS may have had a problem with was the fouling. (Any coach would be upset if you had to sit him because of fouls.) Look, we shot (and made) a lot of three's because they were packing it in, so Cole had a hard time catching. Nebraska gambled on us shooting 3's. Doc is a good coach. I am sure his strategy was to not let Cole catch the ball. Even if he doesn't score, we always get an open look somewhere if he catches the ball. You also have to figure that Cole is the main focus of every teams scouting report. He had a great year last year because no one knew what he could do, so he got to score a lot. Now, everyone knows what he can do. Simple fact of the matter is he is still a top 5 pick in the NBA regardless of what happens to his scoring numbers this year. I saw him play with more emotion last night. You know it has to be frustrating getting the hell beat out of you every game!! So, I think Cole is still the backbone of this team with Collins as the brainchild.

Last note, I am not sold X is NBA ready. He has the body, just not the mentality yet. He loves basketball enough to get it fixed, plus he truly is trying to be a teammate. Others such as Wall are only worried about where they will go in the draft. I really don't think X is even thinking about it right now. He is trying to learn the game of basketball the way it is supposed to be played. Enough from me. Now, Screw you guys...I'm goin' home.

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Gary Bedore's KU Basketball Notebook

I honestly thought Sherron showed everyone last night how much we rely on him. I found myself saying wow so many times last night because if the shots he can create not only for himself, but for others. I was a little disappointed in our role players last night. He hit them with great passes, and they just weren't falling. That's basketball, it happens. Sherron is the type of player that will drive fans crazy. He will lift you out of your seat, wondering how did he just do that, then the next moment he will have you wondering why he just did that. I will take a player like that any day. He has no fear. If he stays, that no fear attitude will spread throughout the entire team. Anyone who can sit there and bash Sherron in a loss are also the people who praise him endlessly on a loss. I hear that is the definition of a fair weather fan? Lets leave that to Mizzou fans and K-Suck fans. It was a great game, and even though it hurts, the team played very hard, and our future remains bright. In what was considered a rebuilding year, we made it to the sweet 16. Great job Hawks. Lets not turn into Kentucky fans here. We will only reload next year, and if the cards fall right, we will be top in the nation with a very experienced team. Stay competitive Hawk fans, but don't let competitive notions keep you from seeing and celebrating our accomplishments.

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FINAL: Bison have no answer for Aldrich in KU's 84-74 victory; Jayhawks to meet Dayton Flyers Sunday afternoon

Well guys, its been fun. I am going to take a poop, take a nap, and hope Missery wins for the sake of the big 12. Enjoy the rest of the day. We have survived, and we have advanced.

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FINAL: Bison have no answer for Aldrich in KU's 84-74 victory; Jayhawks to meet Dayton Flyers Sunday afternoon

You have to appreciate how NDSU came out and played today. Woodside has proved that he is one hell of a player. They had a great season and are very well coached. Collins had a great day, and Cole was just huge. I still think the twins are going to have to bring a rebounding presence if we are going to go as deep as I think we can. Cole can't grab all of our rebounds. Our guards seem to do a decent job rebounding but our 4 men need to come in with one thing on their mind, rebound. I am pretty sure Self will be ranting about that for a while after this game. Great win by Okie State. Big 12 is doing well, keep it up.

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FINAL: Bison have no answer for Aldrich in KU's 84-74 victory; Jayhawks to meet Dayton Flyers Sunday afternoon

I don't always agree with Collins decisions either, it just drives me crazy when people get on here and start bashing a KU player for doing what the head coach told us all from the very beginning that he would be asking him to do. 18-20 shots per game. So let him do what he is told to do and be consistent with your rants. By the way, how many dunks does Cole have today!! Nice job by him holding his post and getting himself open looks.

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FINAL: Bison have no answer for Aldrich in KU's 84-74 victory; Jayhawks to meet Dayton Flyers Sunday afternoon

We all just need to calm down. If Self thinks Collins is shooting too much, then I am sure he is a good enough coach with enough experience to tell him to stop. When Collins wins the game, you are all praising him, when you think he is shooting too much, you all want him benched and lynched! He is scoring for us, he is feeding Cole when he is open, and he is playing just fine. We are about to break this thing wide open, so jut stop.

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FINAL: Bison have no answer for Aldrich in KU's 84-74 victory; Jayhawks to meet Dayton Flyers Sunday afternoon

Collins is just trying to get us going. We will be fine. Collins will attract the attention to him to get Cole open. Lets just trust him for now.

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