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Breaking down the 2021-22 Kansas basketball roster as things stand today

This team has the talent. They lack consistency. Sadly, Garrett became consistent. But he’s gone.
Och needs to find consistency.
Braun just hasn’t made the turn.
Curry will have to be the inside option to DMac.
Lightfoot is solid glue but just not dominate.
I like Perttiford’s grit and Mason like fight. Harris lacks fight at the PG.
If Och fails to find much needed consistency, I think KJ Adams could provide more at the 3.

Pettiford/Ty? - let’s see if Harris takes game to the much needed next level
Yesufu- his to lose and Newman type year
DMac/ Curry

We shall see!

We all know Self will get this down to a 7 man rotation. Ty could change this a bit.

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Prep point guard from North Carolina commits to Kansas

Mason 2.0 for sure. I love his attitude, fight, and grit. I already love his tweet.

“Stand up Jayhawk Nation. Let’s get it done!”

Love it and we’ve missed this grit lately.

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KU's Bill Self offers fond farewell to retiring Oklahoma basketball coach Lon Kruger

Nothing but respect for Kruger. He is a great coach and ambassador for college basketball.

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Game day breakdown: No. 3 seed Kansas vs. No. 6 seed USC, Round 2 NCAA Tournament

Terrible and horrible breaks.
Of course USC plays game of their season.
USC can’t miss.
Wrap it up and go home.

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Four reasons Kansas can make a run this postseason

Don’t forget Lightfoot. He is a solid role player and reminds me of a more blue collar Collison.

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Unranked Jayhawks ready to attack rare back-to-back battle with Iowa State

Counting chickens? They have to have a basket and eggs before they can count chickens.
They can’t find the basket.
They can’t protect the rim.
They laid the eggs.
But they’re just not hatching.
I don’t think we have to worry about counting much at this point. We need to get through the season and reload.
If we follow the 20 year NC pace 1988 and 2008, we might get lucky in 2028, 7 more years. I’d take a few before 2028.

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Kansas freshman Bryce Thompson back at practice, eyeing possible Thursday return

He needs more reps. At this point, play him. He won’t hurt matters. Self talks like he’s on top of the conference and looking at a 1-2 seed.
Stop being risk averse and play your top recruit. Dang! Don’t bench him. Let him iron out his wrinkles and give him a breather, but play him. Let him loose and have fun. No pressure on him at all.

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Big 12 basketball standings for Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021

Out of top 25
Out of tourney?
They don’t deserve to dance.

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No. 23 Kansas cruises by Kansas State, 74-51, to move to 1-0 in February

1-0 in Feb? Really? Depressing
#23 in the nation?
We are either one loss away from dropping out of the top 25 or on the verge of a major win for the season. Pussycats are our defining win of the conference? Ugh

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Les Miles 'disappointed' to lose offensive coordinator Brent Dearmon

Great for him. Did you notice the scoreboard? He didn’t leave KU. He left the B12. Maybe he’ll put some numbers on their board.

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