trenae01 11 years, 8 months ago

FYI ..... No one is really hating on Josh Selby people feel that it's just a dumb move on his part..... he should of stayed one more year to step his game up his average really sucks. I do wish him well right along with the Morris twins:) But people may not know that his Mom was talking down on KU and the NCAA.... they are the ones that made bad chooses before he enter KU and it's not KU's fault. It may be their dream to play in the NBA but what good is it going to do if they get hurt .... Why not stay in school get a degree then go into the NBA .......Money is always what gets these guys to go in to NBA without finishing school which sucks. I understand their talent but it shouldn't be about the Money cause they will blow it or get into trouble and it's not worth it. Like someone stated yesterday Xavier Henry left after his freshman cause he thought he was NBA ready and where did he end up and Do you even hear about him?

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