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Quentin Grimes withdraws from NBA draft pool, plans to transfer from KU

It's obvious Grimes waited for Dotson's decision. It would be the best scenario for him if DD stayed in the draft. I could see an agreement between Coach Self and Grimes' family. If DD did not come back, QG would be KU's starting point guard next season. He is a good point guard and KU would still be fine. However, DD decides to come back and he has the priority (this may also be a condition for DD to come back - not to play off guard). So Coach Self won't let QG run point in that case. I could actually see that Self support QG to transfer if his family really wanted him to play point guard. There should not be any hard feelings between both parties since this is quite understandable. I wish QG all the best.

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Jayhawks' locker room a reflection of just how big Monday's road win at TCU really was

I like what I saw. The team is coming together.

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5-star Class of 2019 guard Anthony Edwards eliminates Kansas from list of finalists

No, it's the KU-UK game. The game shows that KU's freshmen were not developed.

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Jayhawks drop 69-66 decision at Texas Tech

Such a lazy title and editor! If you are going to link this to the front page, can you distinguish it as Lady Jayhawks or women's basketball?

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Benton Smith: Familiar flaws finally cost No. 1 Jayhawks

If you have three-point shooters, play four guards. If you don't, then don't.

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5-star KU target Jeremiah Robinson-Earl picks Villanova

You are pathetic. You have nothing but negativity. Why are you even here?

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New lows: Jayhawks deal with disgust, frustration in 48-16 loss at Texas Tech

As an alumnus, I have stopped taking any phone calls from Lawrence KS for fundraising. I believe I am not alone.

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Tom Keegan: Rotation likely to stay at seven for Kansas basketball

7 is good for regular season but not the tournament. KU lost to TCU in big 12 tournament and to Oregon in Elite 8. The reason? They were tired.
Remember KU lost to Standford in tournament? KU had no one to go except for Conner Frankamp? However, He was not prepared because Self did not want to play him in regular season.
This year's team is not as good as last year's team, who were tired eventually.
DG is already showing sign of tiredness.
If 7 was good for 35second per possession, it is not for 30 second. (35/30*7)= 8.17. You need at least 8 regular players to keep the intensity. 7-rotation is already old school!
If Coach Self doesn't play more players, he may still get 14. But I don't see any hope in tournament. It's not science. The history has already proved it.

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Tom Keegan: Points not only relevant point for measuring OU and KU point guards

Interesting. Garrett's high school team actually beat Young's team last year.

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De Sousa making solid first impression with Jayhawks

Cunliffe is good. However, I think Coach Self is allowing Malik and Marcus to play through their mistakes now. Their improvement is more urgent at the moment. Cunliffe will have the chance after that.

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