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Column: K-State apology sorry excuse for an apology

I assume you're trolling but I'll entertain you. 1) Keegan says KSU should fire the band director--I'm ranting against him and the like-minded. 2) I imagine those schematics were completed so the band could practice the formations--several weeks or months before the show. Unless you think there are other, secret ones showing a massive space penis attacking a jayhawk that are being covered up--or that Tracz just yelled out to the several hundred member band "make like a big space peins" and they did it. 3) And a football player attending what is probably the worst major program in the country just screams of common sense--but I'm sure they'll be glad they didn't go to a cow college when they consider the relative value of their crappy social sciences degree to a KSU player's crappy social sciences degree.

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Column: K-State apology sorry excuse for an apology

There's an old saying: "Never ascribe to malice, that which can be explained by incompetence." Keegan is pandering to his readers by suggesting that a veteran band director with an excellent career and reputation would willfully organize a prurient sexually tinged show because . . . no motive. Dr. Tracz showed his diagrams and schematics, it's early in the year so the band doesn't march all that well, and a Star Trek-themed halftime show looks--if you squint--like a penis. Only after seeing it performed on the night of from that particular angle did it look at all inappropriate. But somehow, this is of the gravest importance and demands a full investigation and apology!

And on the point of "why would you have a Jayhawk in the show?" In that single scene, a narration goes along with the band's formation--it explains something to the effect of "and then, the Enterprise encounter's a scary space monster!" and show's a Jayhawk as that monster. It was a cute little joke for the fans poking a little harmless fun at a rival. Band's do this. Every day. All the time. Just because the band incompetently performed it and it ended up looking--if you squint--like a penis, doesn't means somehow that K-State was out of bounds for having a jayhawk in the show, or that it's bad taste, or something like that. Keegan and every KU fan who needs a distraction form their dumpster fire of a football team is embracing this humorous but harmless episode as some sort of grave insult. Get a life, get a grip, and save your indignation for something other than honest accidents.

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