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Kansas guard Ochai Agbaji's Player of the Year campaign picks up steam after monster night vs. Texas Tech

Could be the state has to national players of the year: Agbaji and Ayoka. We could have a spelling contest. Ha.

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KU women fall to K-State, 69-61 in Manhattan

Ku is obviously way better this year than any since the coaching change.

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Kansas running back Amauri Pesek-Hickson enters transfer portal

The only thing wrong here is that the writer assumes he'll get another scholarship. More than half the youngsters entering the portal do not find another scholarship and far less find P5 programs. It's with considerable risk that they leave.

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'Subpar' Showdown: K-State dominates, 35-10, in rivalry win over KU football

My wife commented in the second half: Kansas is better. Lance will have a competitive team maybe as early as next year. This one, with guys like Potter making dumb plays, just doesn't have enough athletic ability. I thought your third QB was your best though. Lance is a class dude. A refreshing change from Les. #emaw

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As Big 12 expands, AD Travis Goff vows to remain in pursuit of what's best for KU

That reads like Goff is speaking platitudes to Ku fans rather than offering a statement based on reality. Perhaps that's the role of a young athletic director though, to fire up the base. Clearly, coach Lance is an upgrade over coach Les, although that's a low hurdle. The Jayhawks were fun to watch last night.

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Realignment Today: Reports indicate Big 12 planning to officially invite BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF to join the conference as soon as Friday

Ku fans and media's relentless, delusional pursuit of the B10 is noteworthy.

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Realignment Today: As reports surface of a power conference alliance moving forward, at least one of those conferences remains open to expansion

This feels a little like being the German general prior to D-Day, hoping that there's a settlement where Germany keeps Czechoslovkia and Poland, that wouldn't be too bad; or it forms an alliance with Russians again to ward off Churchill's bombers; but fearing the truth, surrender, and dismemberment.

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Realignment Today: Reported meeting Tuesday between Big 12, Pac-12 worth noting for several reasons

This is about football. An alliance of football and MBB would bring the Pac 12 Network a Midwest footprint and people who actually care about college sports. Leave the other sports in their conferences as they are today. It's a good concept worth pursuing. Unlike a merger, an alliance would allow the B12 to add BYU without causing the left coast Ivys to go epileptic.

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Approval from Board of Regents a requirement if KU, K-State desire to negotiate moving into new conference

Fan base basis:

Delusional: ISU, Ku, WVU;
Worried: TxT, K-State, oSu;
Frightened: TCU, Baylor.

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AP source: Texas, Oklahoma talk to SEC about joining league

OU and Texas may be negotiating with Fox. Either get this contract fixed or we're leaving for SEC/ESPN.

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