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Mickelson has liking for hoops, hunting, fishing

Jaybate and pals are over here:

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Jayhawks win physical Sunflower Showdown at K-State

Or at least hold off until we see how we do against the mid-majors of the tourney ;)

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Last year’s UK game left bad taste

“Bill is not going to make it anything personal because he knows if he does, your team can’t win the game when it becomes a personal thing". Um, why wouldn't he? And why couldn't you win the game if it becomes personal? I would think it's exactly the opposite of that. I never understand a word Calipari says. Is this his attempt at reverse psychology?

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Going forward: Self trims big-man rotation to four

Totally agree with you both. It is such a conundrum at this point. I hope there is no discord on this team, but I wouldn't rule it out. You have to play Diallo at this point or the losses will continue to stack up. You make a good point about him pulling down just as many boards. And I bet he could pull down 10 boards within 20 minutes rather than the 10 LL compiles all game. Anyone not blind can see, there is WAY more upside to playing Diallo major minutes at this point. I also think, if BS did, we would see better defense and our offensive boards would go way up. Let's see what happens Saturday. I'll be on the game day discussion board.

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Going forward: Self trims big-man rotation to four

Why do you suppose Diallo doesn't know the plays yet, Barry? Surely, it doesn't take more than 8 weeks with the proper coaching and veteran mentorship? And, why do you suppose the 4 veteran players don't want to play with him? Just because he doesn't know where to be all the time yet? That seems like a convenient excuse. Get him up to speed and let's go play some ball!

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Going forward: Self trims big-man rotation to four

I've been watching C5 closely last three games. Really since HCBS has been committed to playing Landen and Jamari. And outside of LL's decent rebounding, I see NO upside at all. I really just don't understand BS not using Mickelson and Diallo first. I know Diallo doesn't know the offensive sets very well, but isn't that what the veterans are there for? I mean, what the heck does this team practice anyway? Diallo is incredibly talented. He should be able to pick up most of the offensive sets with the right help. And I know Mickelson fouls a lot cuz he gets beat on D and swats at the ball, but c'mon BS. He's got an offensive game. He has an actually shot. LL and JT have no shot and absolutely no vertical. LL can not even get an inch off the court when he jumps. What's that about? What do you think Kent?

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Going forward: Self trims big-man rotation to four

7 years down, only 13 more to wait for another National Championship since they only come around every 20 years (1988, 2008)

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Getting to know Monté Morris, catalyst for Iowa State's potent offense

Yes. And chase them off of the 3 point line tonight. I want to see ultra aggressive defense especially on the perimeter. We cannot allow Niang to go off on us from 3 and expect to win. We certainly don't want to turn a 25% shooter into 50% either which has been a trend this year. Chase them off the line! This team will win tough road games if they can crank it up on the defensive end and start shutting teams down. Not by trading buckets.

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Tom Keegan: Longhorns wise to be wary of Ellis

That move that Ellis put on Ibeh with the finish at about 0:36 into the highlight reel was the play of the game. That was incredible.

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Tom Keegan: Allen faithful give KU edge

Sarah, is that app only for the iPhone?

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