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Devonte' Graham's poise, experience and approach helping young Jayhawks feel comfortable on big stage

Went back and watched KU vs Cuse game from Dec. And DG was UNCONSCIOUS in the second half. 35 points. He just went off! Hope he shoots like that tonight!

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Notebook: Jackson excites with double-double; Coleby is first big off bench

I agree with everything you said and will add this. Let them trash talk us. I love it. It only gives our players more edge and will to win. I think they invite it. So I say to the Ducks, quack away. We'll see what happens when the chips are down.

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KU at UNLV not available for WOW subscribers

You should be able to stream it

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Villanova ends KU's season, reaches Final Four

This team had what it took to win a national championship and couldn't get it done when the chips were down. What a colossal waste. The team next year is going to be nowhere near as battle tested and capable. We could get Josh Jackson, but I doubt he would make the team better. It would just be Wiggins 2.0. No if ands or buts, the University of Kansas Jayhawks basketball program should be in one business and one business only, and that is competing for and winning national championships. We have been anemic in this area as long as I can remember. A championship every 20 years is sub par for a supposed blue blood program with the written rules of basketball and inventor of the game to their name. I don't give a whip about Big 12 championships anymore. Maybe my post is a little in the heat of the moment and ripe with negativity and sour grapes, but doggone it, I want championships for this program and I want them to come with a little more frequency. I don't see anything wrong with wishing that. No more choke jobs! Get. It. Done. NOW

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Kansas Jayhawks practice and sign autographs

Coach is such a great guy!

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Jayhawks aim to ride momentum into NCAA Tournament

Players are saying all the right things and exuding confidence like I haven't seen since 2012. Swagger from Landen and Devonte. I love it!

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Jamari Traylor senses different vibe around Jayhawks entering this postseason

"Traylor played a combined 13 minutes as the Jayhawks moved past Western Kentucky and North Carolina, and lost to Michigan. He took three shots, made two of them, scored four points, but didn’t even collect a rebound." How is that even possible?

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Bill Self discusses state of Jayhawks entering postseason

Guess it's only a distraction if you let it be. It didn't distract them in 08. This team seems hungry. I like that. They could use this tournament to simulate practice for the one and done scenario of the tourney. I say keep winning. Instead of 6 rounds, it's 9. Rock Chalk!

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