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Opinion: KU's stunning loss comes down to karma

Yea like Naadir Tharpe from Mass. Can't wait for him to play big minutes next year.

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Opinion: KU's stunning loss comes down to karma

I know that you know more than anybody but giving an opinion on a subject you follow very closely is not "hating", it is giving your opinion. "Hating" is when you don't really know but just hate. And I don't know how our season would have worked out without EJ but to say we won the BIG XII this year "because" of EJ is a complete guess and simple talk. I'm not "hating" but you just don't know, maybe Naadir would have been better if he got the minutes. What was EJ's assist to turnover ratio?

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Opinion: KU's stunning loss comes down to karma

This is pure hell, we had the game won is what makes it so hard.

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Notebook: Michigan's Mitch McGary on low blow: 'It was intentional'

I used to love EJ when he was younger and thought he was going to be one of my all time favorites but he just became weird as he got older. He says all the "right" things in interviews but you can just tell something is off with the guy. Too many tough guy moments this year for EJ and he cost three of my all favorite Jayhawks, especially Kevin Young, another game in a KU Jersey and a chance for the ship.

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Opinion: KU's stunning loss comes down to karma

Hit a guy in the nuts on purpose you deserve to lose. Karma. I hated the way that made our team look, I feel absolutely terrible, even sick, for Travis, Kevin and Jeff. What a terrible ending to their awesome careers.

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UNC-ya: Halftime speech by seniors — not Bill Self — sparks KU in 70-58 win

I love Ben, what a tgreat eammate and young man. I wish the best for him in the NBA but it is hard for me to not think more college ball will help his game, in particular ball handling. Lots of time on buses and hotel rooms in the league during that long season.

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Opinion: Naadir Tharpe takes Bill Self on wild ride ... to the Sweet 16

Tharpe has lots of skills and most importantly ball handing, he puts pressure on the defense when he dribbles the ball and that is so important when shots are not falling or to get others open. I like our back court but he is the only one that can penetrate and create whenever he has to, EJ can sometimes but not consistently well. B Mac is so so far from putting pressure on a defense and I agree with an above post in that he will get lost in the NBA shuffle. Naadir is going to be a stud the next couple of years.

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Whew! Kansas survives big, red scare

Wow ralster, where did race come into this? You always have angry and attacking posts but jesus you are a nut. You suck.

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Self lets Jayhawks have some fun in Senior Night rout

I was cracking up, I bet the delivery was absolutely perfect from Bill too. Hilarious.

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