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Notebook: KU victory at BC uniquely satisfying for Jayhawks

Unfortunately, you're wrong. KU went White helmets, blue jerseys, white pants week 1. Week 2 they went all blue (helmets, jerseys, and pants) and last week they went all white. I would imagine we will either see grey pants or some red this weekend.

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Jayhawks sitting on the brink of serious recruiting upswing

Matt, 4 if silvio is cleared or 4 if he's not?

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Devon Dotson among 4 Jayhawks to earn NBA combine invitations

I worked a full-time job the final semester of my senior year and was able to manage my schedule in a fashion so that I still took 12 credit hours and didn't miss work. In addition to that, since I worked multiple jobs throughout college for extra spending money plus worked on the football staff, I often was able to find night classes or online classes so that I could get my degree and receive a minor in business. But yeah athletes always get it easy and regular students can't find ways to make it work.

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Under center: Les Miles expects old school approach will benefit Jayhawks on some play calls

Hear me out. What if after Stanley beat Texas he just got the job and we're talking about a redshirt senior who has started for the past 3 years. How does that change the mood going into the season?

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As college basketball season draws to a close, KU coach Bill Self sees hope at 2019 Final Four

Didn't dedric already test once so if he declares again he's gone?

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Though discreet, Les Miles provides some details about KU's spring scrimmages

Those are grass fields. Les likes grass...

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KU wants $1 million in restitution from convicted men in college basketball corruption trial

You all are so funny. Bill Self will not get fired for this, as that would mean KU admits guilt, which it never will.

Everyone needs to chill on this one. The time will come when Duke and Kentucky get theirs.

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Most Crucial Jayhawks: No. 16 - TE Jimmay Mundine

A tight end is often a security blanket for a young quarterback. It will be very interesting to see how both Cozart and Mundine grow this season.

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KU rated lower than Turner Gill's Liberty University in 2013 computer ranking, but better times on the horizon

Dynamic quarterbacks upset teams. The only question is how dynamic will Cozart be.

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What caught my eye on Day 12 of KU football's spring practices


What about MJM? Is he still not practicing?

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