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Opinion: KU's stunning loss comes down to karma

You're right. That was a stupid call I made. I was wrong.....didn't see that KU would be amped up in 2nd half. That was a nice win. ..........Anyway......I'm just the guy that tells the truth.....and fans don't want that. They want Rah-Rah, KU!!!!! That's fine. But this team is not capable of being competitive on a ntional level for championships. How do I know? Hmmmmmm? How about 75 years and a lousy 3 championships? Terrible. And forget those Helms...they dont count. I wish it was different,FLJHK.....and I'm sorry if it angers you. But I'm just telling you what you DON'T want to hear.

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Opinion: KU's stunning loss comes down to karma

You guys never want to hear this.......but Kansas is not a program that wins National Championships. Nope. We do a really good job of beating up the Big 12 and winning easy games early in the season. But KU is not a National Championship program. Duke,UNC,Kentucky,UConn, Florida.....absolutely. They are gamers. They know how to win. They are tough.

Kansas? No. They are not. They are very good.......but they will continue to win one every 20 years if lucky. I don't have the answer......I wish I did.

I'm not a troll. I'm trying to be honest. You don't want to hear it....That's fine. Enjoy the next 15 years of waiting. I will too. I'm not going anywhere. I'm a fan.....I wish it was different. But for whatever reason.....this team cannot compete in the tournement.

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FINAL: Michigan rallies from 14-point second-half deficit in 87-85 overtime win over KU

Shut up. Who are you.....EJ's keeper? I don't agree with the hate.......But I agree with the anger. There's a difference, Einstein. EJ lost the game. He almost alone gave it away......just gave it away......Unbelievable. But........he's a good kid....his heart is good. He gave his best.....I dont doubt that. But shut up ......people have a right to be angry.

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Self, KU prep for evenly matched battle with Michigan

Well, Marchpog......most of what you say is right. But all they remember is the National Championships. KU needs more of them. It bothers me that "johnny come lately" teams like Florida,UConn and even Duke have as many or nearly as many. Should not be so. KU has been a blue-blood powerhouse for over a century. We need more NC's. You know.....I know it.....Everyone knows it.

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Self, KU prep for evenly matched battle with Michigan

Jaybate! The master! Enjoy reading your posts.....and beyond that......You're often spot on. Me doth think thee a former coach? Just curious.

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Self, KU prep for evenly matched battle with Michigan

Marchphog.....The old stiff collared shirt with too much starch. HA HA!! Well, sir. Let's just get KU through this weekend. We can argue in the off-season, old codger!

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Self, KU prep for evenly matched battle with Michigan

You again, eh? Back for more? Are you serious???? You got to be kidding me! You would rather have our tournment appearances than 2 more national titles???? Wow!!!!! Just Wow!!!! I'm beyond any further words.

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Self, KU prep for evenly matched battle with Michigan

Hmmmm.....And why exactly would you care? From your post above.....apparently you don't care about national titles and their importance. Which is funny......because your bitterness is so thick you can cut it with a knife. You're one of those fans that for some reason takes solace in beating up on Texas Tech and Iowa State every year......and you try to make yourself feel all better when Kansas loses in that "meaningless, little" tournement that only decides the national championship. Get real. At some point maybe you will figure out how important the national title is. It's called the NATIONAL TITLE for a reason.......and the sooner apologists and excuse artists like yourself understand....the better

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Self, KU prep for evenly matched battle with Michigan

Sorry.....hate to tell you, Marchphog.......but national championships are THE most important accomplishment. Won a Big 12 title? Had 30 wins? Won the conference tourney? Nice to have......but in the end nobody remembers except us. So you don't like the "emphasis", eh? wonder you don't......KU has only won three(forget those Helms titles). You had better wake up and smell the coffee, buddy. National Championships are the ONLY thing that matters in the end. KU needs to win more. Period. But I guess you sleep better knowing we really pounded Texas Tech......3 times!!!!! WOW!!!!

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Whew! Kansas survives big, red scare

Who needs enemies when we have "fans" like you. I hope KU dominates UNC ....just to upset you. Something tells me you like being miserable.

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