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Texas, OU take first formal steps to leave Big 12; questions about future of KU's conference grow

Mike, I agree with you. To many of the people on here don't realize what it means to be a UAA school and how that is going to impact moving forward. They are also giving away the fact that we were/are the third highest revenue producing athletic department in the Big 12. There will be a solution but it may not come as soon as we all want. Our new AD will search out the best opportunity and consider the timing of a public announcement. The bigger concern may be if the legislature tries to tie KU to KSU. That could be the same for OU.
Rock Chalk and keep the faith!

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Big 12 leaders meet with OU, Texas presidents as rumors, theories swirl

Joe, You are partially spot on. I don't think the NIL specifically is causing realignment. The timing due to the ineptitude of the NCAA's lack of action on almost all fronts and a money grab is the biggest contributor. Matt may be able to comment more but I know the smaller or lower funded P5 athletic departments are going to struggle to help their student athletes. Although they can not directly put together the deals for the athletes the athletic department can provide avenues and opportunities to develop graphics and provide support when trying to lure financial opportunities for themselves. Smaller athletic departments or those who were not preparing for NIL are way behind and don't have the staffing to properly support the athletes. Even though the portal has been busy we may see even more higher profile athletes jump in in the future due to a departments lack of resources to help their athletes.
So, did NIL cause the conference realignment, I don't think so, I believe the timing was just right with the Grant of Rights coming up in 2025. Money, money, money. Lets hope KU was being proactive and finds the opportunity that allows them to grow the football program and support the basketball programs success.

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A look at KU's options if departures by Oklahoma and Texas put the Big 12 in jeopardy

Matt, I am sure you have tried but has there any way to get info out of the KU athletic department or from your other sources around the league? I am guessing at this point people are scrambling????

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AP source: Texas, Oklahoma talk to SEC about joining league

The LH network will go away in 2025. ESPN has already said that they have no interest in renewing that contract.

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Proactive approach critical for KU if Oklahoma and Texas really do leave the Big 12

Many of you are leaving out the academic profile of the Big10. KSU, ISU and OSU don't fit. The Big10 would need to make a concession for any of those schools to be viable.

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With OU & UT reportedly eyeing the SEC, are we on the brink of conference realignment 2021?

Matt, is it possible that the new AD (from NW in the Big10) was already working on this? I would hope we haven't been sitting on our hands knowing this topic seems to come up each year.
I believe KU will have a landing spot but Tech, Baylor, TCU, OSU, KSU and ISU may be left? Could be a mad scramble to get into a P5 conference which is quickly looking like it may be the P4 conferences. ND holds a key as well if they choose to go ahead and jump into the ACC that takes a spot. TCU and Baylor may have the most difficult time with their religious affiliations and fundamental beliefs/teaching.
Seems logical for the Pac12 to want to get a couple of schools in the central time zone to expand its footprint. Academically Tech, Baylor, OSU, KSU and ISU don't fit their profile. Would they sacrifice academic profile for expansion? Lots of other questions if this really happens. Athletics as we know it may be changing again!!!!

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Notebook: Beaty rides 'hot hand,' keeps Cozart at QB

Calm down people. We are still at a scholarship deficit and still undersized on both lines. Beaty needs 4 years to clean up the mess of the previous regimes. Our guys showed life but have to learn how to keep their composure. In the words or Aaron Rodgers "Relax".

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Tom Keegan: If Big 12 expands, Florida is the place

Louisville was the miss!!

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OU president David Boren taps the brakes on Big 12 expansion talk

The bigger hurdle in all of this is the elephant in the room (K-state and OK State). Both have been discussed as tied to their in-state Big 12 member institution. OSU could probably find a home in the Pac 12 and K-state in the Mountain West? Matt do you have a take on this and how OU and KU may be tied to these two schools in regards to changing conferences?

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The Day After: Oh, wow at OU

Matt, can you tell us what the TV numbers were for this game???

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