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Has the fog lifted around KU football?

An assistant coach at Clemson took over their football team in '08 and is doing just fine.
Dabo Swinney's enthusiasm helped turn that program around.
Maybe Bowen's energy will bring success to Memorial Stadium?

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Joel Embiid's injury could prove costly

Stanford made most of us sick in March.
Isn't there a KU trained orthopedic doc to quote instead?

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Column: Call Thompson anything except overwhelmed by U.S. Open debut

Thanks for the good golf coverage.

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Gary Woodland collects another top-10 finish

Great coverage this weekend. Really enjoyed it and appreciate you getting to Texas for the story.

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Column: Naadir Tharpe jolly good chap

When you consider all the writing these reporters do...this column is fine.. and makes a lot of sense. Tharpe was so lost he couldn't even remember to shake hands with the opposing player when introduced at the Big 12 tourney. When I saw that, I had a feeling the season would end far earlier than we wanted. Tharpe arrived on campus wearing a shirt and tie but will be remembered for wearing far less on Twitter.

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Kansas football still a work in progress

What's the latest on Taylor Cox? We could have used him Saturday

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Kansas linebacker Heeney glum, mum

Thank goodness we have coach Campo. The offfense will get it together. Rice is a good team.

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KU freshman Hanna wins Kansas Amateur

Saw Sam play and win 5A state in May at Brookridge in OP. Chase is quite a golfer to whip him. Rock Chalk

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Opinion: Sting of injury lessened by Love

Great story

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