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Oklahoma State spoils KU basketball's 120-year celebration

More losses are expected if they continue to play as today. Three(3) major areas that must change for the better if they expect to win the Big 12 and stay in the NCAA tourney longer than the first round: A. Rebounding B. Defense C. This one change can correct the other two but most of KU fans will not agree. Why not? It is most evident. Bill Self must start really coaching with an open mind. 1. The fact we are a small team with 4 guards and actually most of them are slow of foot or NOT QUICK which makes it difficult to play an efficient man-to-man defense and because of size it is difficult to out rebound Self should go to a MATCH-UP ZONE DEFENSE. It allows quicker coverage of shooters, and gives more players around the basket to block out and rebound. A Match-Up zone is different than "regular zone". But Self does not like playing Zone Defense. It is now time for him to realize if he continues with the current play he will, in most of the remaining games, provide poor defense and rebounding which will lead to several more losses and the probability of not winning the Big 12 Conference Championship. It is NOW time for him to alter his game plans so he implements a different defense that will also afford more opportunity to gather more rebounds. That one intervention will make a major difference. Also I totally agree that Vick is a liability. He should be used sparingly. To recapitulate, Self needs to try defensive changes and mix-up his defenses if not then good- bye Big 12 Champs. Always, D. Graham as one of the Senior leaders should improve his play. ROCK CHALK.

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Svi Mykhailiuk sparks Jayhawks in rivalry win

Well I do agree with you Jay on that comment. Look where JR finished his career(New Mexico) and he had difficulties there. Greene, to reiterate my position, is not a good college player at a D-1 level. He plays no defense. He could not even guard my Golden Retriever, who is big and fast. I think KU peaked too early in the season. The peak was the OU game. We keep talking about Mason being hurt, which affects his playing, I am not so sure. His on court demeanor has changed drastically. I think it is pure mental. At times he looks so frustrated after a poor court decision as if "why try harder". I do agree with others that he needs less playing time. Graham needs to put his money where his mouth is. He plays defense so inconsistent and to not want to play different types of Zone so "we can get after them" does not understand the "HOW" of playing a Zone. A win is a win but we did not play well. Just look at Mason and Selden stats,( something you Jay are always referring) not very good. KU was out rebounded not 26-21 but 36-21. That is shameful. Not one player was aggressive on the boards. NOT EVEN ONE. If the ball fell in front of them, they would pick it up, if not forget it. KU will not, WILL NOT win the Big 12. OU will win. They have the ingredient needed which is leadership. KU has no leader. No "go-to-player. KU will not even make the Sweet Sixteen. All this will happen if they continue to play at the poor level and not up to their ability, both physically and mentally. A turn around is needed to finish at the top of the Big 12.

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Bill Self: Brannen Greene 'disrespectful' of K-State in closing seconds

This is Duane and not Linda. I played basketball at all levels, Grade and High school, College and AAU, and never did any player on any team ever do the act that Greene did. It only shows the kind of person he is. From the beginning, I thought he was not a good fit for KU. He totally, totally lacks playing any resemblance to Defense. His guarded player could score at anytime. Basketball is not just a one dimensional game and for Greene and a few other KU players it definitely appears as such. To me the real question or concern is, What was he thinking in doing such a play? To all the comments that address the issue to be kept in the locker room, the act was not in the locker room but on National TV. For all of you complaining it was OK do to because of what has happened in other sports events at KSU, keep this in mind, " A GRAIN OF SAND DOES NOT MAKE A SUMMER". Your integrity should not be dictated by others.

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KU makes top recruit Josh Jackson's final three

Contacts I have in Arizona says he will go to Arizona because of the relationship with Coach Miller, which was developed while playing on the AAU team coached by Miller.

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No-man land: KU’s zone not popular with players

If they would have played a productive man to man defense, Self would not have had to switch to a zone. They do not know how to play a tight man to man. Graham has absolutely no room to talk.

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‘Freebie’ against Kentucky gave KU brief respite, boost

To note, the previous comment was not by Linda Peschka, my beloved wife, but instead by me, Duane Peschka. She is the one that started the account. It was obvious that I needed to make this point of clarification. She was and still is a good swimmer and tennis player, but she could never jump that high to guard people. Thank you

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‘Freebie’ against Kentucky gave KU brief respite, boost

TO ALL, ESP Jay. I played point guard @ grade school, high school, college, and AAU level. We were City of Tulsa Champs in my 8th grade and played for the State Championship but lost by 3 points. In my Junior year my team won the State BB Championship. I was the starting point guard on both teams as well as the top defensive player. On our man-to-man defense, I always guarded the best guard/forward. The tallest I guarded was 6'4" and I was 5'11" but had great jumping ability so much that I was one of 4 players on the team that could dunk the ball. However, in those days(even in College) dunking was not allowed. I played 3 yrs in College before I damaged my knees and after 3 surgeries I resumed playing on AAU teams composed of ex College and a few ex Pro players. I played for Coke, House of Lights, and American Airlines. The year I played for House of Lights we won the National AAU Championship. I later was a referee for Grade School, High School, Junior College, NAIA, and NCAA Wheelchair BBall. I also coached on the side. However, my profession was Registered Nurses.
What did I learn all those years and games? A good defensive player can stop a good offensive player if, and the big IF, the movements of the offensive player was extensively studied. Knowledge and experience lead me to the statement that the starting KU guards(Mason, Graham,and Selden) are just average defenders. They do not move with QUICK feet, but they maybe FAST but not QUICK, and there is such a difference. I have been calling for Self to change defenses frequently from a 1-3-1 Match-up Zone to a Box and One to a Triangle and Two and finally to a "Hurly Gurly", which is a form of TEAM, TEAM Man-Man defense which is where every player knows where the movement of the ball is going. Therefore I was delighted to see Self switch to the defense he finally ran against Kentucky to slow Ulis down. It would behoove him to use different defenses in the forth coming games.
When you drive to the basket, you do so with intend in mind and always under control, thus you will not find yourself in"NO_MAN"S LAND with little or no chance of a positive outcome. Mason and Graham do this repeatedly esp in the last 4 games, BEFORE the Kent. game. They do not pass the ball with force. It is not what you have done for the year but ESP. NOW while in the Conference schedule, what have you done lately. As one noted Statistician told me while I was studying for my PHD, " you may askew statistics to whatever you want your perspective to be".
I change does not happen NOW with the above mentioned situations, KU will not win the Big 12 Championship and even if they get a # 2 or #3 seed in the NCAA tourney, they will have great difficulty advancing to the Sweet Sixteen against any team with a quick, sure footed shooting guard(s). That is not Chicken Little but a mere fact.

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Jayhawks lose at Iowa State, marking third straight road setback

It is interesting how many of you forgot how poorly Mason has been playing in the last 4 games, esp the one where he had 7 turnovers. As a point guard(most of the time) he has to play under control, which he doesn't. How many times did he drive to the goal and either have the ball stolen or threw(NOT SHOOT) the ball up without any idea if it would score but just wanting to get fouled. Time after time. Look at the shooting numbers for Mason, Graham, and Selden. Poor, Poor, Poor and there was the real issue. Of course always leave Ellis in to play.

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Jayhawks lose at Iowa State, marking third straight road setback

They played like a team the 1st half then played selfish non- team basketball in the 2nd half. Again, lack of energy, turnovers, passive play and ABSOLUTELY NO DEFENSE the 2nd half. While does Self condone the sloppy, one-on-one play of Mason, Graham, and Selden. They may score some points, but they give-up far more with their "NO COVERAGE DEFENSE, Ridiculous turnovers(Mason dribbling, dribbling, dribbling then losing the ball on two consecutive offensive trips towards KU basket),and esp. poor, poor, shooting.
Self should play players who have heart and the "want" to play and BENCH all three present starting guards. It does not matter who takes those players place, they will do better. CHANGES must take place NOW in order for KU to finish high in the National picture. This team has sucked since the 3OT win over OU. It is time to stop the cascading failure and initiate CHANGE to make a difference.

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Box score: Oklahoma State 86, Kansas 67

Once again, it is the same pattern and trend with total lack of desire thus poor play. They looked as if they did not want to be there. NO PLAYER PLAYED WELL. Mason, Ellis, Selden, Graham, and Svi stunk. No defense. Not one of those players mentioned played defense. Svi is useless when playing defense. How many times did Mason, Graham, Ellis, and Selden go one-on-one in a drive towards the basket that produced 0 points with a half baked shot thrown NOT SHOT, ,most erratic. Statistics from earlier games played do not need to be quoted as so many of you did. It is not what you did, but what is happening NOW!!!. The last 4 games stats are abysmal. Poor passing, soft on the boards, lack of team effort esp. on offense, and an aloof demeanor from the team resulted in another projected loss AS LONG AS THEY DO NOT MAKE CHANGES. THE CHANGE IS MENTALLY. COACH SELF IS ALSO AT FAULT AND HE KNOWS IT. Remember, he called the home court win over TCU "a dud game". KU won by 7 points, but led by 19 late in the game. PLAYERS QUIT. IT IS THE NOW TREND WHETHER ANY ONE WANTS TO BELIEVE IT OR NOT.
SHOOTING: Mason,4-12 and 2-5 3pt; Selden, 3-8 and 1-4 3pt; Graham 4-9 and 1-4 3pt, and the worst shooting, Ellis,3-10 and 0-3 3pt; finally Svi, 1-7 and 1-5 3pt, he really has a long way to go to be the player the coaches think he can be. I seriously doubt it.
Conclusion: More defeats in the Big 12 and certainly no Championship with an early exit from the NCAA tourney IF, AND A BIG IF, THEY DO NOT FIND THE EARLY SEASON SWAGGER AND WANT TO PLAY THE QUALITY THEY HAVE AND ARE STILL EXPECTED TO EXCELL

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