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Frankamp, U.S. U17 team defeat Czech Republic

This kid is flat out special. For the first three games of this tournament, he leads his team in minutes, is 19 of 29 from the floor, 4 of 6 from three, has 9 assists to only 2 turnovers. He leads the team in steals with 9, and in scoring with 42 total points or 14 ppg.

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A KU license plate in Missouri? It could happen

I find it rather funny that this article doesn't mention that the Gorillas have paved the way for this. Thier plates are going to be hitting the Missouri streets this summer.

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Realignment Today: 1:51 p.m. - Circus atmosphere surrounds Big 12 once again

Completely agree with everything. Although new to posting on this board, I have read it daily for a few years now. I didn't post until the darkest hours of this conference shakeup. When the large majority of KU fans were looking to turn the institution's back on not only our in-state school, but other extremely loyal institutions such as Iowa State, I just couldn't stand it anymore. Although at this point impossilbe, I would rather play in a conference with KSU, ISU, OU, OSU and anyone else north of the Red River that want to join. I too grew up in the Big 8 days, which were absolutely wonderful. We will never again have it as good with the Texas schools involved. I hate them for it, but Missouri realizes this. The only way KU feels at home again is with KSU, ISU, and Missouri in the Big 10. I don't think it will ever happen, but it would be great to reunite with Nebraska in a midwestern conference. Colorado is gone, and OU has changed. Give me the previous five together again, and I will always be happy and proud of our association of similar cultures.

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Realignment Today: 2:28 p.m. - All systems go: Mizzou to leave Big 12; West Virginia set to join

Is it possible the Big 10 has told MU that if it comes that far in expansion they would prefer KU and Notre Dame to get to 14? I would think geographically and traditionally Nebraska would want KU over MU. I am biased, but I would think every state school from Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa and Ohio would rather have Kansas than Missouri. We just fit in better.

I don't think this is too early to discuss. If we strategically think it is better to be in the Big 10, shouldn't we be trying to get our foot in the door? I see too much information on the short run and not enough long run analysis. We are clearly safe, but our future could be with the cornhuskers and not the sooners. Don't you think our social traditions and values are more in line with the huskers than the sooners, longhorns and mountaineers? Yes, this is all about football, but the Big 10 has enough of that. They might want bigger markets, but we are a national brand in basketball that would help their network in the winter and spring. I am just bringing up the point that where these teams fall in the short run could lead to interesting future decisions, especially if Notre Dame goes to the ACC.

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Realignment Today: 2:28 p.m. - All systems go: Mizzou to leave Big 12; West Virginia set to join

Ok, tough guy, you are all over this. So if ND is going ACC, that opens up one spot for Uconn or Rutgers. Where do they go? Uconn to ACC, Rutgers to Big 10? And, if Rutgers to Big 10 happens, who is the 14th member? As things stand now, we should be trying to swallow all of the BE. If the Big 10, Big 12, ACC go to 16, what does the Pac 12 do? This thing is far from over if Notre Dame goes ACC. Notre Dame anywhere but the ACC creates more stability for the Big 12. However, Notre Dame to the ACC might punch the Jayhawk's ticket to the Big 10 when the Pac 12 comes calling for the south again. If this ND to ACC is so clear, wouldn't Mizzou see the opportunity and stick it out in the Big 12? Or, have they been told by the Big 10 that they would chose an AAU school with "like midwestern values"?

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Realignment Today: 3:27 p.m. - The latest on where Mizzou stands. Didn't you miss this?

Arkansas and Missouri have mutual boosters in the Walton fortune. They will stay joined at the hip strategically. I feel that Mizzou feels that Arkansas is a replacement rival for the lost KU matchup. They are not in play. Florida State, Miami, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Louisville could be available you are dreaming big. How happy are these fan bases that their conference expanded with football powerhouses Pitt and Cuse? The Big 12 with those schools would be a better football conference than the SEC. Think how even these traditions are:
OU - Alabama
Texas - LSU
Florida St. - Florida
Miami - Tennessee
Virginia Tech - Auburn
OSU - Georgia
West Virginia - Arkansas
Louisville - Mississippi
TCU - South Carolina
Baylor - Mississippi State
Iowa State - Vandy

I think our top traditions would be even, our mid would be a bit under, but our final tier would be stronger. And basketball would be better, making a better overall conference. Don't hurry and dream big. The Big 12 has all of the traditions that make the SEC want to expand and add of all people, Missouri.

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Realignment Today: 3:27 p.m. - The latest on where Mizzou stands. Didn't you miss this?

I agree with this at some level. Had Bevo given in Sooner, pardon the pun, and we were then proactive in going to 14, we could have made a move for Utah and BYU to compliment Colorado and Nebraska. This move last year could have been easily achieved. I would like to see BYU. I don't think they will come now. Not much else out west to pick off. That is why this process was so important to get right a year ago. This is also why you can't blame Missouri for leaving.

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Regent: Big 12 still best fit for Kan. schools

Maybe the Jayhawks could learn something from Pittsburg State. They have won three football national championshps and played for many more. Have you ever been to Pittsburg on a gameday? Unbelievalbe atmosphere. If Lawrence did anything close to resemble the atmosphere that Pittsburg State has created, the incredible insecurtiy most on this message board are dealing with would be gone. You do realize that North Dakota State was once a great rival of Pittsburg State a few short years ago. And, you do remember what happend last year, right? Heck, PSU played the opening game in the once brand new Fargo Dome. Like it or not, KU is a public institution. Same as K-State, same as Pitt State. PSU and Northwest Missouri State paved the way for Missouri and Kansas to play their game in KC. You can debate over prestige, and win. But this deal is political and we have a system for it. Be greatful that we have a BOR chairman who loves athletics more than the casual observer. KU is going to be fine, in a major conference. We are not Memphis, Tulsa, Boise, or Tulane. We are the University of Kansas and that is a brand the entire country respects. So is Kansas State. So is Pittsburg State at its level. Has anyone questioned Sam Brownback about his stance? My guess is Ed might be speaking for him.

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Statehouse Live: Kansas Board of Regents to discuss future of Big 12

Its outside of Pittsburg. I don't understand why anyone from this state would discount a guy who has done no harm other than saying he would like for two schools to remain close. Being from Pittsburg, Ed knows football. Just at a lower level. But, make no mistake, He is from a little school in southeast kansas that has 3 football national championships. 3 more than anyone esle around here. Maybe the big boys should study the smaller one for a change. Check out this link, look at it, and come back when you know something.

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Realignment Today: 10:22 p.m. - Big 12 sources: Pac-12 not expanding; Pac-12 releases statement confirming news

Agree, and Uconn is the big loser here, unless the ACC gets it done. Very ironic.

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