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Column: Zenger has help in search for coach

Former and current players have made it clear that Bowen is their choice!!!! There you have if Zenger don't screw it up!!! Enough said

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Jayhawks speak their minds following blowout

If he wasn't giving his all really do believe Self wouldn't have him in the game!!!!!Hey this entire team got smoked by 32 points not just Perry or Selden .We will get better!!!

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Can Kentucky run the table? ‘I don’t know’

Yep WSU was a good team but not a great team AND they played in a Missouri Valley league which is a far cry from the Big 12, Big Ten, ACC or the SEC!!!

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Zenger: Bowen a 'strong candidate' for head coach

Excellent post Bill, I love the strong emotions and opinions!! Bowen should be a slam dunk for Zenger. I saw players making plays yesterday that I haven't seen in a long long time.
RCJH!! Okay Zenger time to make the right decision.

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McClinton keys KU volleyball’s sweep of Kansas State

Any time KU whips Ksuck in anything is GRRRRRREAT!!!! even in marbles

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Platoon system planned at Kentucky

Hey I realize Kensucky has a lot to talk about with all the recruits and the style of play Cal the Crook plans to put into action But I REALLY think KU and the fans would rather talk about and comment on KU related articles. Truth be told I could care less about Kensucky and their recruits and all the other crap that we hear!!!!! I doubt that there's more than a few KU fans that really care what Kensucky does, I know I could care less. We will play KU bb and they'll play Kentucky bb and I'm going to leave it that. RCJH!!!!!

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Bears do as they please in dominating victory

OUCH!!!! ok so MANGINO is gone because of a couple little crybabies, Gill is gone which never should of hired in the first place, Weis is gone to (thank God for that) after his juco recruiting fail miserably and proved that Zenger had his head up his a-- when he said he hired "his man"??? omg are you serious? So now what? where do we go now? I don't know we are still losing and still getting blown out. The real question is will KU ever field a team that will win 5-6-7 games a year?? I've been a KU fan for 52 years and these games for the past 4-5 years are so painful to watch. It's sad when all KU fans look forward to a exhibition bb game with Washburn. I guess we could drop football? I mean really what will the answer be if and when the next football coach fails? I really doubt if the KU alumni are any to happy to be paying on pathetic losing coaches for the next 2-3-4 mores years!! DROP FOOTBALL!!! there I said it and it didn't hurt nearly as much as the last 4 years of watching all the blowouts have hurt!!!

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Josh Moore flip signals return to mutual respect between Kansas and in-state recruits

okay Doug so what makes you an authority on the coaching search? Nobody else knows I'm sure probably not even zenger!! Your post was plain pure and simple idiotic!!!

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Coaching Search 2014: Gary Barnett not the answer, but he can help Kansas football

Hey the way Clint has the team playing it would be against all judgement to not give him the reins as the new head coach. Talent wise KU is still a poor football team but if you factor in Clint's desire and his grit and his passion that I think is rubbing off on the players I would love to see Clint get the head coaching job .After all he's had like 18 or 19 years where he has been on both sides of teams (good and bad) at KU so he knows the team and system. He would need to find a couple better assistants and I really think he would really put KU in the wins column.

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