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Turnover-plagued 1st half dooms Jayhawks in home loss to Coastal Carolina

It seems no matter the year or the coach you could have watched this game with the sound off and guessed what year it was and who
the coach was. Whether the last 10 years or Gil, Weis, Beaty or Miles was coaching this KU team looks the same every year. Getting manhandled by a lower division team, looking clueless on offense and defense and just no player development year after year. Maybe its just something that can't be changed no matter what different things are tried. Very disappointing.

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Former KU linebacker Joe Dineen Jr. moving on to coaching ranks at SMU

A man with an education and a plan. I like it. Best of luck.

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Late first half sequence looms large during KU’s 45-20 loss to No. 6 Oklahoma

Les is better than that. This is something Beaty would have done. Come on Les you won a National Championship stop acting like you forgot how to coach. WKU has had 10 yrs of decisions like that. That is why they hired you.

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KU falls flat in 45-20 loss to No. 6 Oklahoma

Let's see if his mouth is as big as it is after a loss as it is after a win.

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KU falls flat in 45-20 loss to No. 6 Oklahoma

Let's face it this team is never gonna win another game unless they start making better decisions. The sequence before half, no punt returner, the ball rolls to the 2, we run 3 running plays, punt the ball, give up a big return with a face mask they score, that just killed any momentum we had going into halftime. OK then gets the ball after halftime and scores. Just a killer. D gassed by then. Now KU might have lost the game by the same score but this is Oklahoma not South Dakota State you can't give a team like that any chance if you want to have a chance in the game and at that point KU was in it. Sometimes Les is less. Sequence was confusing to say the least. Yes Lee dropped sure pick 6 would've been a huge momentum swing as well.

I wonder if we will hear from Super DB Bryce Lamedon after his precious Hawkeyes lost to Michigan today. Michigan who lost big to Wisconsin. Iowa couldn't beat them.

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Quick recap: KU football suffers 51-14 road loss to TCU

Forget this one, onto next week (next week maybe even worse) but we all knew that there would be games like this as much as we hoped there wouldn't be. After BC game we all thought things would be different but it's year 1 under Miles.

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Quick Recap: KU football falls to West Virginia 29-24 in Big 12 opener

This just proves it wasn't the talent it was who was coaching over the last few years. A coach who is clueless could lose with 5 star players. A coach with a national championship gets the most out of his talent. I'm not saying that there won't be more losses or even ugly ones but the coaching was sorely lacking the last few years. Hopefully the recruits are taking notice and want to go to a team whose stock could be going up in the next couple of years.

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Quick Recap: KU football falls to West Virginia 29-24 in Big 12 opener

You have learn how to lose to learn how to win. A game we would have never been in the last 10 years. All l ask is to be completed this year so far so good except for the Coastal Carolina game. Disappointing but encouraging.

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