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With bubble teams aplenty, Big 12 tournament should deliver madness

Actually we were (now infamously) swept by Oklahoma State. A third matchup with either team will be difficult this week.

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Perry Ellis one of few positives for KU against Baylor

When Relly isn't scoring, that means we aren't running, and that means we aren't getting it done on the defensive end. Very few takeaways and blocks and rebounds that we were able to convert to transition baskets. Only 3 steals all game and we got out-blocked for probably the first time all season.

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Persistence on and off court defines Kevin Young’s journey to KU

This is true. In some recent games, when the D sags off of Young at the top of the key, he has no choice but to continue ball reversal because of his lack of shooting AND driving ability in the half court offense. That sagging D removes the threat of Withey inside and everyone else driving. Perry has already driven to the hoop mildly effectively out of that situation. He just needs to show that he has the ability to hit that shot.

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Travis Releford impresses Bill Self, takes top honor

I can NEVER tell Releford from Ellis. One of them should start wearing a sleeve or get a single-digit jersey number or something (#24 and #34 now).

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Josh Selby lives up to hype in opener

Can I say this was a much better opener for Selby than Xavier's opener last year? X's 27 pts came in a blowout, but Selby came through when it mattered against a tough opponent. Imagine if he improves throughout the year instead of disappointing late like X did. I can't find a reason not to feel optimistic.

Can Selby finish first in the Keegan's this year? Even if he finishes first consistently, hopefully Marcus is not far behind him. I think Marcus will top the season-long Keegan ratings.

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The evolution of an NBA Mock Draft while en route to the Big Apple

i sure hope you're right. thats exactly where i have both 'hawks going in my Draft contest here on now if they just did a 2nd rd mock as well that'd b nice.

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2010 NBA Draft Contest: Make your picks and be eligible to win a Paul Pierce jersey

first of all, goldenhawk, the KU player's name is Cole Aldrich --Not Aldridge, as in the Ex-Texas player LaMarcus Aldridge.
And barring any surprise medical problems, a la Darrell Arthur, those picks are all way too late.

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