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KU senior Landen Lucas takes a trip down Memory Lane to prep for 2017 tourney

He was never supposed to be a starter, but with the failures of more highly recruited players, he has done yeoman like work down low. I will miss his steadiness in the line up after this year.

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With decision day nearing, analysts split down the middle on 5-star PG Trae Young

From a lack of depth at guard, to a glut of guards? and that's without Trae, with him?
Does Graham stay? I think so, and add Newman, Vick, Suncliffe at semester, Garrett, and who knows who else if Trae chooses OU.

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Comeback for the Ages: Jayhawks shock West Virginia with late rally, 84-80

Somebody with more computer skills than me, that would be everyone, needs to make a meme of that guy teasing the insurance customer with a dollar on the end of the fishing line, put Coach Huggins in it with his check.
RCJH, another gray hair or two.

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KU's Big Monday rematch with WVU more about revenge than league race

I respect what he does, but hate him during games, beat Huggins. RCJH

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For fifth time this season, Josh Jackson named Big 12 Newcomer of Week

Helluva lot of fun to watch this manchild. RCJH

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Consistency, competititve fire made KU's Jackson top freshman in blue blood showdown

I was never the player or athlete that Coleby is, but did have an ACL blowout. The hardest thing was trusting it, and second hardest was getting to the point of no swelling after exertion. It could be one of those that is slowing him down. He looked good, in a limited role, on Saturday.

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Tom Keegan: In a game full of stars, Lucas proves to be most valuable

I thought last year was a red shirt/transfer year?

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Gameday Breakdown: No. 2 KU basketball vs. Texas

I was watching an old Texas vs KU, one of the best games ever at AFH, it got me to thinking, which is always dangerous, is Josh the new Julian?
Listed at the same height, athletic, Julian a little heavier, but both were moved to the four spot. Both are good passers, with limited outside touch.
Like I said, just wondering, but if so, I hope Josh doesn't end up in Turkey playing. RCJH, go KU.
PS, nothing better than TRob swatting a mizzlose shot do end a comeback.

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Tom Keegan: Doug Meacham hire another big sign of better times for KU football

The Charlie days are fading.

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