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Despite injuries to two starters, Kansas ends training camp 'in as best shape as possible'

o/u 2.5 wins .. just dont see it lookin at that schedule

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4-star combo guard Chris Johnson picks Kansas

streaky shooter; needs to work on his shot...cb? lol no.

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Kansas guard Joe Yesufu eyeing a bigger leadership role in his second year as a Jayhawk

"Kansas was one of a handful of Division I schools that did not have at least one player enter the transfer portal this offseason" wow. great stat. rcjh

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Kansas men's golf team sets program record on Day 1 at NCAA Championships, sits tied for 4th after opening round

starting monday theyre on tv. get to the match play!! rcjh!

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Pleased with how Year 1 played out, Kansas AD Travis Goff eyeing even more momentum in Year 2

"pleased" w winning a natty?! lol. only 1 way to go from there, TG. 📉📉📉. plz help ku fb not be awful. maybe .500? maybe even a Bowl game in a year or 3? thx. -every ku fan. rcjh

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Kansas' Kyron Johnson feeling 'lucky,' ready to be chosen in NFL Draft

literally unbelievable to have Any draftees/nfl caliber players w how bad weve been. says it all about the coaching. how many draftees have cmu or rutgers (comparable programs) have in this same time frame. nothing but incompetence. lets go lance! rcjh

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NCAA President Mark Emmert stepping down no later than 2023

also, they "mutually agreed" to emmert stepping down a year After signing a Multi-Year contract Extension?! lol. really. LOL. the only guy they could have conceivably picked to do a Worse job than emmert woulda been david beatty. or turner gill. or charlie weiss. smfh.
Bryce would be excluding all LGBTQ+s from ncaa events & even He woulda done a better job. lol. LOL!

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NCAA President Mark Emmert stepping down no later than 2023

bryce is a clown, 😘, but emmert is BOZO. good fkn riddance. most of these comments are 🎯. how do u now recruit a kid to lawrence, kansas vs, say, UCLA or U$C? were hosed like bryce at a donkey convention

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