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Dallas Cowboys issue statement on Arkansas expansion talks

Totally agree, where there is smoke there is fire, Chip Brown has been right on with all of his sources, so Arkansas obviously at least kicked the tires. Probably won't happen, but to say they weren't interested at all is wrong. Now the Notre Dame rumor, does seem to originate here with Keegan's article, but nobody said Notre Dame was interested, just that Jones would like them in the Big 12. Nothing will happen unless Arkansas adds $15 million to our TV deal, then I wouldn't be surprised if we become the Big 12 minus 1.

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Razorbacks have ‘no interest’ in leaving SEC

well, apparently this fire is starting to smoke a little bit more as our good friend Chip Brown is chiming in. Anyone that followed the last couple of weeks knows that Chip Brown has some pretty good sources. Though it looks like Arkansas is a long shot, after the last couple of weeks it wouldn't shock me either.

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Realignment aftermath: React, rejoice, move on

Matt or whomever else might be able to answer. I was a little confused by the following:

"The five schools that weren't pursued heavily — KU, KSU, MU, ISU and BU — agreed to use further distributions of revenue to entice Texas, OU and A&M to stay in the Big 12. That seems to mean that the revenue will still be split up unequally but all 10 members seem fine with that and OU, Texas and A&M were flattered by the gesture. "

Right now isn't the portion (seems like the number is 1/2) that is not shared equally paid out based on TV appearances? Are we to assume that this number is now going to be larger than 1/2? Or was there an additional provision added in that will cause a larger payout to UT, OU and A&M?

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Watch Dan Beebe's press conference

i 2nd that notion though wonder/doubt if it is even possible.

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Realignment aftermath: React, rejoice, move on


thanks for all the hard work. Any chance that you'll update us with all of the info from the Texas and Bebee conference, similar to what we've been seeing the last several days? Mostly just interested in TV contracts and where the conference goes from here expansion wise?

Thanks again, really appreciate the blogs!

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Beebe deserves thanks

one more article to add though not sure if it's similar to what the others posted. This one basically said that ESPN and Fox were the ones whom saved the day.

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Big 12 (10) lives on

not sure if anyone has read this but some very interesting information. Sounds like ESPN and Fox saved the day

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Big 12 Conference lives on

The general consensus here in Denver is that Dever is a Pro market and not much of a college market. Definitely alot of CU and CSU alumns in the area but the general feeling I get is that CSU is the KSU to CU. I think the national following that Air Force might bring would be better. I still like Memphis and Fedex $, but ultimately don't think it will matter in the near future since the 10 team conference is all that has been talked about.

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Big 12 Conference lives on

just saw a bunch of tweets on google search all saying basic the following:

Austin's ESPN outlet claims tweet reporting Utah/BYU to the Big 12 was the work of hackers.

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Big 12 Conference lives on

Please Please Please let these reports be true.......dilute the Texas 10 a little bit if nothing else.......I think that it'd have to guarantee some more bucks so as to not dilute UT cash stream.......perhaps AFA and BYU meet that bill? AFA brings Denver market back and could create some made for TV matchups between AFA and UT and AFA and A&M and AFA and OU, etc or at least when they play at the academy. BYU brings St Lake market and could create some more made for TV matchups. Plus if Utah joins Pac 10 that would mean BYU would be without their rival, thus maybe potential to bolt? But the question is I guess do they bring the $? If this happened I'd be ok I guess with the new Big XII and related payouts......I just don't like Texas owning over half the conference.....

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