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Game Balls and Gassers: LA Tech


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No problem: Weis not worried about QB play

The defensive coaches are doing just fine. Rice averaged 30 points a game and our defense allowed them 13. The other 10 points were on the offense. Our defense is clearly headed in the right direction and I think that's the last thing we should complain about. Our kicking games is fine and not just compared to last year. The kicking game is fine. Period. As for Heaps, he hasn't played in two years people. My guess was that it would take half a season for him to get into the swing of things. The offense needs to get it together, no doubt about that. Let's see how the next two games go.

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Kansas football afflicted with dropsies

My grandson said he was going to buy a bunch of velcro and wrap the receivers in it

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Lone-star letdown: Offense disappoints in KU's 23-14 loss to Rice

There have been improvements in certain areas since Weis has been at KU. With Gill, it all got worse as time went on. Big difference.

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FINAL: KU's offense struggles in 23-14 loss to Rice

Take a deep breath Jayhawk fans. We're headed in the right direction. Believe me. I'm as disappointed as you are. This loss was tough to take. Between an undisciplined offense and a great backfield of which half spent the game on the sidelines, I'm still scratching my head. But the defense had a great game and there are plenty of things to feel good about. I agree about the OC. Weis needs to get over it and Zenger needs to insist he hire a quality coach to help on that side of the ball. There needs to be a lot of soul searching this week from everyone working the offense. Rock Chalk!

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Ex-walk-on Embree earns keep as KU's standout returner

Another thing I want to mention on a different subject. I noticed Heaps waving the wheat as he ran off the field. LOVE IT!! Tells me he loves being at KU!

And yes - Jordy Nelson is awesome and he deserves it.

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Ex-walk-on Embree earns keep as KU's standout returner

How about we just congratulate the kid and feel great about what turned out to be the best overall part of the game on Saturday. In my opinion special teams is the most important part of the game and we not only saw a drastic improvement over last year - we saw an exceptional special teams performance all the way around. Quit talking about everything that was wrong with SD and talk about everything that was right with Conner Embree's performance. Give him the credit he deserves. These comments are totally frustrating. We all know what the non-conference schedule is, you don't need to point all this crap out and take away from what he did. Congratulations Conner on your scholarship and your awesome performance Saturday. I personally am proud to have someone like you as a Jayhawk. All you've done says so much about your character and I wish you all the best. I look forward to having more fun watching you tear up the field. Rock Chalk!

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A fresh start: Kansas WR Justin McCay eager to hit field

Runs great routes. Catches everything that's thrown to him. Great blocker. Sounds like we have another Derek Fine out there ready to catch some passes and help his teammates. Can't wait to see him!

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A fresh start: Kansas WR Justin McCay eager to hit field

Ditto. Last year was much better for me, but just in case ... If I stand, I mean WHEN I stand, please don't rudely tell me to sit down. IT'S FOOTBALL. I'll be standing most of every game so telling me to sit will be pretty much pointless. If you want to sit, watch the game on TV. I plan to stand, yell, scream, and jump up and down throughout the game. I'm excited people. Saturday cannot get here soon enough!! ROCK CHALK!!

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A fresh start: Kansas WR Justin McCay eager to hit field

MIssouri fans are stupid.

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