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Big Easy come ...

Bill Self is at his best when he believes he is coaching an up hill battle. When all is said and done and he retires and comes back for his name to be hung in the rafters or on a building, In his "Mr. Holland's Opus" like moment. I believe he will reflect on this year as being his favorite year no matter what else happens. It has been a joy to watch this guy coach. I think he truly enjoys the close games and the great thing about Self is that he is humble enough and willing to learn and adapt. That is why I believe we are the most dangerous team left. On paper OSU and KY should beat us, but just ask Memphis how the on paper worked for them in 08. This has been the most amazing year I have witnessed since Danny and the miracles. There is something to be said about a 7 man rotation and surviving in this type of tournament compared to a regular season. Rock Chalk!!!!

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Roy Williams still fan of Jayhawks

Again Jaybate, you spew out some stupidity. Roy was great for Kansas as was Kansas great for Roy. He went home period. Everything has worked out just fine. I wish North Carolina well tonight and hope we get to play them Sunday. What a great time to be a Jayhawk.

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Sweet survival: Jayhawks rally past Purdue

Since the beginning of the season, I've been telling myself not to expect too much from this year's team. And I half to say this could be one of my favorite KU teams since "Danny and the Miracles." I am more impressed by what this team has done this year just for the fact that it seams like everything has been against them from the start. Amazing job Jayhawks! Also, I feel terrible for K-State, for being told 20 minutes before the game that Sammuels was ineligible. That was not fair. The NCAA gave that game to Syracuse. Boo

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Former Kansas great Delvy Lewis dies at 68

I'm friends with his mom. She is a wonderful lady who is heartbroken. My prayers for the family.

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CELEBR-EIGHT: Kansas clinches outright crown

"KU, Saves Big 12 from Embarrassment." I'm so thankful for our Jayhawks this year. Even if they don't win another game. We are the only team that has kept Mizzouri from leaving the Big 12 with our league hardware and bragging rights.
Misery= SEC-ond. This is the stuff of folk lore. Now a big thank you has to go to K-State for beating them twice. Here we are a year after Nebraska has left and I was reading an article about them wanting a new coach for basketball and a lot of the reply's by Big 10 fans were that they don't want Nebraska in their conference. They write how Nebraska has watered down the Big 10 and don't deserve to be there. Just wait til the SEC realizes what they have with Misery and A@m. Where I believe our new additions will compete right away atleast in football. What a great time to be a Jayhawk.

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Tiger coach laments War’s end

After getting home from the game That I would rank with some of the "greatest games of all time", I look on my recorded copy of the game and you could clearly see that when Robinson went up for the lay-up he was undercut. He was hit so hard in mid-air, he fell hard on his butt. It was the right call.

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Jeff Withey named Oscar Robertson national player of the week

After watching this team all year, I would have to say that Bill Self is the greatest coach that's ever coached at Kansas, And I would also say best current coach in college basketball.

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Miserable ending: MU’s 11-0 end run dooms Jayhawks

After watching the KU- Iowa ST game and K-State-Iowa ST game, And now the KU-MU game. It looks like college basketball is becoming more like the WWE...Even Dickie V said last nights two calls were bad. When T-Rob was called for a charge it changed the game completely. That basket would of sealed the game. And Tyler's turnover was because he was slapped from behind by a player trying to foul him.

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