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Baylor's best basketball coach answers to the name Kim, not Scott

I have a little beef with Keegan, I was watching the local Topeka sports talk show "The Drive" Sunday night and it had got to the part where they would pick who would win the games this week and by a line. Keegan picked Baylor and Texas to beat Ku. Me personally, I would want someone representing my alma matter with school pride like Max or Bob, talking about KU sports on area TV. Are they biased? Of course they are, they bleed crimson and blue. Keegan I've also listened to you 810 am "Between the Lines." And you most always come off as a UN-biased journalist that is just doing his job, when you and I know that is K-State territory. If you are representing Ku please try to remind yourself how sweet it is. Even if you believed Baylor would beat KU Monday night you have to rationally think that Ku is 100-1 at home in the last 101 games. Odds would say they would make the spread. When I'm listening to a representative of KU sports, I would like to hear more of a biased opinion, If I wanted unbiased I would just listen to ESPN or read USA today Sports.

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Flat in Lubbock: KU overcomes energy woes in 60-46 win over Texas Tech

I think what should be mentioned here is the fact that Tech stalled almost everytime they had possession. That would drive me nuts too. What a boring way to play ball, but it worked for a half and made us impatient. By the second half Self made the adjustments and let the flow of the game seem to be more relaxed.

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Notebook: Elijah Johnson pleased with Jayhawks' fight in victory

What a great way to go into the Christmas break. Every year, Bill Self amazes me, I believe we have the best head coach in America. Last years team was so fun to watch, and now this year is like watching history in the making with our Jordon like guard Ben MacLemore. I almost wish he wasn't so good so he could stay around another year, but man he can ball. He's gonna be Paul Peirce good in the NBA.

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Weis: Juco Jayhawks have chance to challenge vets, turn around program

My friend, who is a K-State alum and a huge fan made a friendly bet for a steak dinner. I bet that Kansas will have at least 5 wins in football and K-State will have 5 losses. I believe I've got this bet won.

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Thomas Robinson declares for NBA Draft

There is no way he should stay. Why risk a career ending injury. It's time to get paid Mr. Robinson. With all of what life has thrown at you. I lost both my parents the same year as he lost his grandparents and mother. All I can say is thank you Mr. Robinson I am forever in debt to you. When I would start to feel sorry for myself, I would remind myself of what you must feel at your age and being so far from home and it made me toughen up. I talked with you for about 30 minutes one day in the Cave and you were incredibly nice and sincere. All I can say is God Bless you and thank you for everything. You will always have a home in Lawrence.

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Charlie Weis focused on improving grades

It's time for Keegan to move on. Maybe you could you could work for 810 and the "Purple Power" show.

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Thomas Robinson to announce decision to enter NBA Draft on Monday

Please don't be selfish people. Thomas has earned all of our respect and we can only hope that we some day get a player with such drive and determination. He represented what it means to be a jayhawk at the highest level. It's time for him to go get a big paycheck, God knows he deserves it.

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Jayhawks land Bishop Miege QB Montell Cozart

I don't know how to take hearing great news in April KU Football, With the Basketball doing so well......brain overload

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Jayhawks recall UK ‘bullied us’

This will fire you up!!!!!

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NO FOOLIN’! Believe it: KU makes title game

I can't call us a Cinderella story because we are too talented, but I would compare Monday night game against Kentucky to the Terminator 2 movie. We are the Arnold T-800 taking on the new and improved T-1000 which is newer and improved. Hopefully at the end we will take their spirit and say "Hasta La Vista Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock Chalk!!!!!!!!!!!!

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