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Kansas freshman Kelly Oubre Jr. decides to enter NBA Draft

After reading a lot of these comments and the negative feelings to the one and done style approach to college basketball, I just look at Kentucky and Duke and see that it is hard not to continue this trend just to keep up. Yes Kentucky got bounced from the Nit, yet look at them this year, practically unstoppable. We were beat by a good upper class team team in Wichita St this year, but I would still take our young line-up over theirs any day as would most of you. The bottom line is usually the most talented team wins. Examples that immediately come to mind are Syracuse with Carmelo, Michigan with the fab 5, ect. If we are to compete with the top tier teams we have to recruit top tier players. That is just the reality of college basketball today. And I truly believe without the one and dones we have had, that there would be no way we would own our string of big 12 championship seasons. Rock Chalk!

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One not done: Wayne Selden to return for sophomore season at Kansas

We have to realize fellow Jayhawkers, This year could of went any direction but thanks to the great coaching and recruiting we have become spoiled rotten. I for one have played college basketball and I really appreciated this effort given by this years team. No, they didn't get the defense part up to Self's standard and struggled against zones, but face returning starters, hardest schedule in college. Look at what Kentucky did last year with a similar situation. (they got bounced in the first round of the NIT). I would say that this years crop over achieved by winning the 10th straight Big 12 title. Yes it would of been great to see them advance to the sweet 16, but realistically we didn't deserve a 2 seed anyway. Wiggins was a real joy to watch this season and with his defense and athletic ability he will be a star in the NBA in 3 or 4 years. And if Embiid stays we will be awesome next year. I saw a lot of potential in Conner towards the end and once the game slows down a little more to him, he will be competing for the starting PG next year. Rock Chalk my friends.

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West Virginia unwelcoming to Andrew Wiggins, Jayhawks

At the end of this regular season, I can honestly say what a fun ride. I try not to read too much into the comments and the negativity (none on here yet), because it sounds like we are spoiled rotten. Let face it, not one returning starter and we still have 20 + win season and win our 10th (in a row) Big 12 championship. Wiggins was awesome all year and today he looked like the next NBA star that will emerge in a few years. I never put too much stock into the NCAA tournament because upsets always happen. That way I can just enjoy it for what it is. It's all about the pairings and what team gets hot, even if for one game. The good news is that no matter who goes pro this year, we have a couple of beasts coming in to make names for themselves next year. It's great to be a Jayhawk!

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Column: Movie, hate-bill timing divine

Hey, It's Kansas, where we party like it's 1899!!!!!

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Jayhawks: Embiid definitely ‘beat up’

This may sound a little crazy, but I would love to see the Big 12 go to 16 and I think this year would be the year to do it by adding: Cincinnati, Louisville, SMU, Memphis, Connecticut, and Houston all from the American Conference. It would help West Virginia's travel schedule and all teams are good in basketball and football and could come in and immediately compete. We would be a force in sports for many, many, years. The way it is now we are too small and hurt each others chances to compete in big bowl games and NCAA tourney. I know we make good money now but I would hate for us to be the odd man out if in the near future there is a shift to power conferences.

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Dazzling debut: Jake Heaps shines in Blue's spring game win

April, you my friend have never met a Missouri fan than have you?

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Jeff Withey, Ben McLemore selected to All-Big 12 first team

Here is my argument for why Bill Self should be Coach of the Year;

1. 9th in a row conference championship
2. Number 2 recruiting class in the nation coming in next year (with or without the number 2 or 3 picks added)
3. winner of 3 overtime conference games. (say what you want but coaching has a lot to do with winning close games)
4. Best over all record of any big 12 team this year.
5. The year in and year out ability to reload and have each team play defensive minded first, team ball.
6. The development of talent, this year with Withey, Releford, and Young. (all of which I never thought would get much playing time, based off their first years here)
7. The ability to adapt to other teams playing styles. (something Roy was not good at)

I believe I have at least made a case for Coach Self.

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K-State, Kansas in stretch run for title

It doesn't bother me to share the title with K-State, I mean how often does this happen that 2 teams from the same state share a conference title. If K-State wins at OkST, then they have deserved to be there. Just as if we wouldn't of lost at TCU, then we wouldn't be in this situation. K-State will never be a rivalry to me like Missouri was, and when they are not playing us I root for them. They have a first class football coach and now it appears they have a very good coach with Webber.

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Three and OUch: Jayhawks' skid continues with road loss to Sooners

Having played at the college level and coached at the high school level, I have noticed a few problems this year that have now caught up with us.
1. We were so successful early with our man to man, that we have not used other defenses to mix it up well. We have the best big in the big 12 and one of the best garbage men in the league, so why not run a zone to keep them home and eliminate the 3 point threat (which since the Iowa St game every team is using) let teams beat us with the 12 footers not easy under the baskets because teams are luring Jeff out of the post with our man to man.

2. If you look at the last 6 games you will notice that we are taking shots when we are out of place to rebound well. They are not bad shots but we have being using the high- low and spacing to spread a defense. The only problem is that Jeff is no where near the basket when a shot is attempted. When we are spread there is no forward or big in a position to crash the boards, which in turn leads to a one and done offense and if the shots aren't falling it becomes stagnate.

3. The high low is being double teamed and giving us a open three is we pass well. The only problem is we are settling for the three and losing our focus on driving. We should swing it back to the weak side and allow Travis or been to drive it to the hole and not settle for the outside shot. We have too much talent to not take it to lane on at least 2 out of 3 possessions.

4. Ben and Travis need more shot attempts. Ben needs to start playing more selfish and put up at least 15-20 shots a game. He is the best pure shooter in the league and passes way too much. Would also like to see what White could do if had more playing time, it wouldn't hurt.

5. I love Young's play, but he has no business with the ball at the top of the key. The defender sinks back and clogs up the middle. He just needs to be in a position to to do what he does best. If we run high low at least put him attacking from the wing and let Ben or Travis run the high keeping Jeff down low.

I could be wrong on all these ideas, but I believe we have a really good team this year but not great. We can't just rely on what has worked year in and year out. Our point guard play has been down and we have to stop having them shoot us into close games.

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Texas coach Rick Barnes questions team's mental toughness after losing another late lead

I believe Rick can coach, 2nd best defense in the country,He did beat Roy this year. And the KU-Texas games had been some of the best in the Big 12 era. We are just spoiled to have the greatest Coach in college basketball.

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