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Ranking KU's top perimeter trios of the past 25 seasons

The writer seems confused as to whether this list is based on "best" or "impact." If you're listing the best trio, then any trio that includes future NBA HOF Paul Pierce has to be number 1. Vaughn had a long NBA career, too. If you're arguing impact, certainly a case can be made for the current trio, especially considering the current college game is dominated by guards.

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

Sweet! I can sign up to create Internet games for $49.95 a month! Oh wait, that's not the big news?

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Recap: Morris twins' rebounding just as valuable as their points against Iowa State

"The more shots a player takes, the harder it is to keep his efficiency up, as he's taking tougher and tougher shots."

Why do more shots = tougher shots?

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