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Kansas point guard Devon Dotson declares for 2020 NBA draft

We just keep churning them out, All-American point guards. Good luck Devon, the Jayhawk nation is behind you 100%!

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Jayhawks roll past Chaminade for 93-63 win in Round 1 of Maui Invitational

Please, please. please tell Walton to go surfing and leave the commentary to someone whose comments are relevant, someone who won't continually interrupt his colleague, someone who continually insults his colleague, and someone who doesn't have comments like, "Chaminade is blowing the Jayhawks off the court," when the score is 7-5!

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Kansas coach Bill Self recommending time off for 'tired' Jayhawks

With everything these guys have had to go through, including missing key components of a team that was a preseason #1, has obviously taken a toll on them mentally and physically. It is a good thing to step away from all of this for awhile and regroup.
Our team outdid themselves with what they had. Coach Self needs to be congratulated for getting them as far as they did. Remember that we started 4 freshmen for most of the season! This experience will be invaluable. And with a few new key pieces (trey makers) we'll be right back in the thick of things next year.
Thank-you all, coaches and players, for your efforts this year. RCJHKU!

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Game day Breakdown: No. 1 KU basketball vs. No. 2 Duke

Play your best game of the season or go home early. Simple as that! RCJHKU

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Tom Keegan: Kansas up to challenge of playing in toughest region

One game at a time boys, one game at a time. The sky is not falling. We have continued to defy Chicken Little all year. There is no panic in our team, only in our fans. RCJHKU!

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Head-to-head: Embiid's 76ers beat Wiggins' T'wolves; Mason's Kings top Jackson's Suns

I like hearing about the 'hawks in the NBA. But what happened to your daily recap of ALL the guys who are playing now? That would be nice to see again.

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KU's Lagerald Vick 'hard to beat' during first week of Boot Camp

Yep! That's what it was, "Praise the Lord and pass the rock!!!

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Jo Jo White joins Hall of Fame

Congratulations Jo Jo! I was lucky enough to see you play in Allen Fieldhouse with Roger Bonensteil(sp) and Vernon Vanoy back in the sixties. He had such a smooth shot and played his heart out. We knew then he was something special.

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Black’s rookie season in NBA a big hit

Great to hear yet another Jayhawk is doing well in the bigs! We wish you nothing but success as you continue your career in LA. And I particularly like how you put your trust in the Lord to help you and show you the best path forward. You could have been down after leaving Houston, but trusted that by closing that door, you had a better one open. Seems this type of faith is showing up more and more. Perry and others on the team talk about their faith also.
Oh no! Could they be an epedemic of players actually putting their lives in His hands and letting Him help them in their careers? Hope so!!!

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Column: KU’s 2015-’16 outlook uncertain

Kansas is missing the two 'C"s which made up some of the better teams we've had, 'Consistancy and Chemistry'. We were consistently inconsistent and showed no real chemistry for a first year team. We can't expect to have either of these qualities in the first year unless we have mature players. If we can keep this core of players and add a real post man, then maybe we can compete at a higher level next year.

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