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Kansas men's basketball notebook: Lyons to visit KU; Self offers NYC prep

I would say that the recent recruitment of this Xavier transfer means Self isn't very confident in Anrio's ability to qualify. Total speculation. But that silence on Anrio is deafening and we don't exactly have schollies laying around if Anrio was on board.

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Bill Self named Sporting News national coach of the year

I will admit that I thought this season might be a downward turning point for Coach Self. And I said it many times on this forum. Wrong again! My apologizes, Coach Self. Excellent job.

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Awfully close: Kansas barely holds on

This comment isn't fair. Has T-Rob seemed disengaged? Sure. But he had some really nice assists last night - which is all of the things you just asked of him. I fear he may be tired or nicked up bad. His spring has abated substantially since the beginning of the year.

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Awfully close: Kansas barely holds on

Apology accepted. But I hope whatever is that is bothering you right now, Mr. Robinson, that it gets cleared soon. You haven't been yourself lately and I fear that it may be costing you draft money. I want you to go No. 1. Your performance early in the season convinced me it was possible. But the last few games you have been disengaged or tired or both. Get well soon; for your sake, not ours.

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Charlie Weis contract finalized

Obviously, you're kidding, but if you take the other incentives he would accrue in getting to the title and winning, it's a hefty. For just one example, we obviously would need to win all our conference games and the conference championship to even be in the game. That alone is $190k ($10k for every Big 12 win and $100k for the regular season championship). Plus, it's hard to believe he would get coach of the year and coach of the Big 12, worth another $125k.

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Name recognition: Jayhawks get big name — Charlie Weis

Initially, this appears like a good, not great, hire, which is what we should expect. It could turn into a giant turd sandwich, but right now I am really optimistic. I liked Weis when he was at Notre Dame, a school with an alumni base who still thinks it is 1987. They probably chased him off too quickly.
What we have to hope is that Coach Weis has a giant chip on his shoulder from that experience. Like Muschamp said "Charlie didn't want that to be his legacy." He's got a name, he's motivated and hopefully we can give him the support he needs to be successful. Plus, he's not tone deaf like the last coach, who is probably curled in a ball in his bed repeating "Believe!" over and over. Or maybe he still thinks we're improving.

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What's next for KU football: Coaching candidates

Too fast! It needed a little more thought. I would say that 90% of the names are this list are pipe dreams. No way half these folks even pick up the phone.

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Seattle prep commits to KU basketball, but …

AGREED!!! Maybe Dooley stays too. I think he's a pretty good coach.

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Seattle prep commits to KU basketball, but …

Yup, we should be happy to get anyone. It's not like we have any history, tradition, a great coaching staff or the facilites to justify anything more than your average player.

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