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Matt Tait: Jayhawks embracing quality 3-point attempts

Coach Self is a great coach and I think he values 3pt shooting. However I think developing shooters requires a willingness to let them be gunslingers rather than require them to be all around players with great defense. Let them first be free to fly then develop the rest. Even Paul Pierce was reigned in too much at KU. NCAA hopes at KU have often been lost by conservative shooting methodology early in the season that produce hesitation for fear of being benched. You cant suddenly change your mentality. Greatness also requires hitting the shot when well guarded. Steve great stats on attempts in NCAA Champions. Jeff Boschee was the last KU player with 800 attempts.

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Bill Self not letting up on NCAA over Cheick Diallo

So UNC can perpetrate academic fraud for years and speculation is they will not surrender wins/championships. However we keep getting screwed.

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Brannen Greene suspended, won't travel to Maui

This is super disappointing. Greene certainly must of done something significant for this to be such a severe suspension. However is anyone else sick of never having a shooting guard or small forward empowered to just be a gunslinger. It seems to me that there are a lot of coaches that develop kids to do this. KU has not had this in a long time. Svi and Greene so far are not showing the promise we hoped for. Is this a limitation of Coash Self? The bigs are required to play defense, the guards are required to play defense, and the forwards likewise. When kids like Farouk Manes hit killer 3 point shots, where is the KU equivalent?

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Bill Self: Kansas making progress

I love this team. We are going to be very good. What continues to amaze me though is kids that go under screens. I've seen even Elijah and Naadir do it? This is a fundamental issue. Similarly, bigs that don't know how to help on the screen. Either completely ignoring the screen or over-helping and their guy gets an open look or dunk. With that said, we are going to Rock!

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Roy Williams, Tar Heels hurting after loss to Kansas

Okay look Roy is a great coach but got out coached yesterday by Bill Self. How you can have 5 McDonalds All Americans on that team and lose even 1 player and be so discombobulated is beyond me? I've read on other boards that it would be like us losing Trob or Ty. That is ridiculous because that's all we got. One player of the year candidate.

As far as Roy's class, he knows what to say and what not to say. I lost a lot of respect when he said in 2002 "I don't give a sh** about NC, and then left a few days later". As I said before, he is a great coach but let the sappy "Tar Heel born, Jayhawk bred crap go." I would like to sub it for "Tarred, feathered, and Jayhawk dead!" I don't feel sad for him, Kryzewski, Calipari or anyone else who loses. It is a business folks not a a soap opera.

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Roy Williams, Randy Towner defeat Bill Self, Notah Begay in charity skins game

Well he may not "give a sh*t about North Carolina" but I don't give a sh*t about him. As for needing to grow up, everytime he says "ive got the best kids in the country" it makes me sick. I guess all the folks who hated KU during his time here, saw through him a long time before the rest of us. That country boy golly gee stuff is over and I'd rather sever ties.

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Kings for a day: Jayhawks rise to No. 1, fall — hard — to ’Cats

What an awful game for KU! However this team has had an excelllent season thus far in many ways. Defensively though I hope we can step it up as we get close to the Big Dance. We seemed unprepared for the cutting that their players were doing. Pullen just had a great night in which we neither stopped the drive nor the 3pt attempts. Our help defense seemed lost especially when they set screens, picks and rolss, cuts to the hole etc. Offensively we couldn't get to the paint in position, had few open looks at 3's, and missed many layup attemtps. It was a combination of all things going wrong, offense, defense, and coaching.

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Hawkeyes edge Mizzou

Anybody watch Fox4 last night? A Mizzou fan mouthed off about being different from KU and being able to win football games. I'm sure eating crow is feeling good right about now.

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NCAA clears Josh Selby to play for KU starting Dec. 18

I'm very excited to see what Selby can do. KU has to have a team concept again like the '08 Championship. We need Kieff and Marcus and Selby to be our 3 NBA quality players every game and the rest of the team needs to step up as well. Who is going to hit the 3 reliably. In '08, Rush, Chalmers, and Collins traded but we had the ability. Who will do it this year from long range?

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Purple people beaters: Cinderella (kind of) Butler dashes K-State’s Final 4 dreams

Bad day for Wildcats in general! I'm feeling pretty good though.

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