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Coach's plea to end chant ignored

If the student section is determined to act like mizwho fans then get the rest of the stadium involved in a chant that will drown out the students.

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Coach's plea to end chant ignored

The people have spoken. We are NOT better than that.Congratulations KU, we are officially in the same class as mizwho.

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KU adds final coach

Was not aware there were Joe Bobs in Kansas. Thought that was a uniquely southern name.

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Building a nest

I may be going out on a limb, but I think it's okay to be a Jayhawk football fan and at the same time be concerned about things like academics, tradition and the appearance of our campus. Athletics are part of our history and tradition and so is the appearance of the hill. If this were a facility for the Chiefs I'd have no qualms about it but a university is not a corporation. K-State has utilitarian football and basketball facilities that were built with no regards to the tradition of the institution it was built for. As a result, both have all the ambience and visual appeal of a retail strip mall.

It could be said that Wescoe Hall is a perfectly functional facility whose existence has helped facilitate our academic standing but it is also a visual blight that is not in keeping with its surroundings. I hope that the football facility does fulfill its purpose, I just hope it doesn't do so at the expense of our tradition.

And for those whose loyalty in our football program is in question, I'm sure there are students, faculty, and alum who could care less about the football team. I'm also certain at least some of those people care about the appearance of their campus even if it is connected to football. They may be perfectly content with an 0-12 season but their voices and opinions are worth every bit as much as the most ardent football fan.

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Building a nest

I am not underestimating the importance of this facility and I am grateful for the generosity of Anderson and Kivisto, but this facility is another blemish on the KU campus. The architecture does not fit within it's surroundings and it's location will only diminish the landscape around Memorial Stadium. This used to be one of the most attractive campuses in the country but too much of the construction during the last three decades, starting with Wescoe Hall, has only served to diminish it's beauty.

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Extra Minutes: Kansas State 84, Kansas 75

The Manhattan Mercury is taking orders for a two DVD set of last nights game. Seriously.

If the preface includes the last 24 years I might order a copy.

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Extra Minutes: Kansas State 84, Kansas 75

jross, maybe this answers your queston.

Is it just me or does this team always seem to peak during the middle of the season. The last few weeks most of the ESPN analysts were raving about how good we were. Made me wish the tournament was starting today before the rest of college basketball had a chance to catch up. Maybe this loss is a good thing.

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Extra Minutes: Kansas State 84, Kansas 75

It was bound to happen. There is no greater home field/court advantage in sports than in college basketball and last night was just an example of how much of an impact 24 years of humility can have.

The story on ESPN last night looked more like a tribute to the Hawks 24 years of dominance than a story about an upset. Anyone think KU-KSU will become a rivalry again after this season or will the loss of Beasley and Walker return this program to their mediocre ways.

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Keegan: Beasley bigger challenge

We are capable of losing this game. No question we are the better team but I don't think we can match their intensity. The importance of this game to us is first place in the conference but the importance of this game to them is 24 years of futility.

Continuing the streak would be cool but losing would not be the end of the world. I think it would be more of a tribute to us than to them. It would only serve to bring greater attention to the most embarrassing losing streak in college basketball and to the team who has dominated them for so long.

As much as I liked beating Nebraska in football a few years ago, I found the attention brought to that game embarrassing. When this streak does come to an end I think it will do the same for mildcat fans.

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Jayhawks split on final ranking: No. 7

And on that note I think I will sign out for the season. To all my fellow Jayhawks, it's been fun.

August 30 can not get here soon enough.

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