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Do you like the "woo" some students are adding to the end of the Rock Chalk chant?

As a proud KU alumnus living in Arkansas, I get enough WOOOOOOOO(ing) with the Razorback hog calling! Why has this generation of KU students blasphemed the world famous Rock Chalk Chant into a HOG CALLING FOLLEY!?

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KU band heralded after recorded music switch

I have a suggestion. MIC THE BAND!!

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KU football fans to pay more for pregame fun

What's this quote about "now that it has established itself as a popular place to park, and it continued to attract more parkers as awareness increased?" And "for the first time ever fans will be cleared to fire up grills and consume alcoholic beverages and participate in all manner of tailgating tradition?" I must delusional as I remember parking in that lot when I attended games as far back as my high school years and have done so whenever I could make it back to a game since I've been out of college for 36 years and walking across campus to the stadium. Also I remember lots of tailgaiting going on last year when I was parking there for a game.At any rate $20 sounds kind of steep being that far from the stadium. I understand the need to charge, but I would have preferred a $10 parking charge and a minimal charge to ride the shuttle, costing nothing for those who wish to walk our beautiful campus on a nice fall day.If they filled the lot the university will bring in close to $28K each game and $167K for six games. That should buy lots of diesel for the shuttles and pay lots of wages for cleaning the lot.I may try parking downtown this year. It would be something different. I wonder how fast those lots will fill up?

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State of the art: part II

To answer d_prowess about the Final Four court, I believe I read where they are going to display the center court logo only in the new practice facilities. Kind of like they have the original AFH center court displayed in the museum.

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Arkansas wide receiver gives verbal commitment to KU

Woooooooooo, Pig, Foooooooiiiiiiiii !!! As an arKansas Jayhawk, it's great to see Neal going to Mt. Oread. Make us all proud young man. RCJ!!!!

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Woodling: Stadium pretty, imperfect

Since I live too far from Lawrence and can't attend every game, part of our pregame tradition is walking from AFH parking lot up the hill enjoying the beauty of fall on campus and to the Union to shop and eat then out through the tunnel or walking down Campanile Hill, if we have tailgated, taking in all the pre-game hype which by the way is growing more and more each year. Got our tickets to the Tech and Texas game and am getting pumped for the season to begin.With the new facilities, it is a given that Memorial will be here to stay. With KU football on the rise I'm sure Lew well be looking at improvements and possible expansion to the stadium in years to come. Nothing would be finer than to fill a 75,000+ seat stadium on game days. Please, just don't ever ruin the view looking up the hill, Lew.

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Woodling: Mario's shot still goes in

I've downloaded the podcast to my computer from KFH Radio in Wichita. <> I listen to it every chance I get. A very fresh perspective of the game compared to Billy pACCker! Someday I'm going to try and watch my TIVO and sync the podcast to my download for an even better experience.

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B-C-Yes indeed

No. Those kids work very hard to provide support to their team. They deserve all the tv time they can get. I remember the days when the whole halftime/pregame band programs were televised. But alas, no more. It has been good that Fox has brought back showing at least a couple minutes apiece of their shows. In past years the bands got no respect at all.

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MU won the game, but KU gets the bowl

And always will as GOOD always trumps EVIL!!

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Disappointed but proud in Lawrence

Of course we will. This is just the beginning with Mangino's recruiting and coaching skills. Besides if KSUck can claim a football dynasty (in their own minds) after a decade of winning (with no NC and only 5-5 in bowls to boot) after being a football embarrassment for their university for many decades, then KU should have no problem. Mangino has brought football pride back to Mt. Oread!! We Jayhawk fans just need to learn how to respond to it now.

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