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KU turns attention to stadium revamp

I deeply appreciate Zenger's recognition that Memorial Stadium honors Kansas alumni who died in World War I. One of those people was my great uncle. Everytime I attend an event at thr stadium I think of Uncle Van and other war dead. It helps keep me grounded by recognizing that whatever happens on the field, there are more important things in life than the final score of a football game. It's wonderful to have an athletic director with a profound understanding of KU tradition.

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Federal Judge Wesley Brown, who presided over KU ticket scandal case, dies at age 104

I am originally from Hutchinson and knew Judge Brown well. I can honestly say I have never met a more decent, intelligent, witty and thoughtful man in my life. He had more marbles at age 104 than any of the silly posters on this site. It's sad when the death of a true Kansas legend leads to uninformed, idiotic ridicule. We've lost a great man, folks, a great, great man.

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Decorated QB Jake Heaps to visit KU

Why don't you make some effort to proofread your comments. While you make some good points, your misspellings suggest you are not well educated so you lose credibility among the largely college-educated people who follow KU sports. Moreover, your carelessness is actually an insult to the rest of us -- you don't care enough about your audience to write in clear English. Sorry if you take umbrage at this, but your poor grammar and spelling lowers the quality of discussion.

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Official: Charlie Weis to be named next KU football coach Friday

I'll add my appreciation for Matt's hard work on the coach search. Like many of you I have spent way too much time watching this issue -- to the point where I have even checked out the sports comment sections in newspapers covering other colleges looking for a new football coach. Cases in point are in North Carolina, where the hiring of Fedora was in no way universally praised by Tarheel fans. Better example is Arizona State where negative fan reaction to June Jones was credited for the school withdrawing its offer to the SMU coach. In contrast, I find that most commenters on this site are pretty open to almost any credible candidate. Sure, we have our favorites, but I've seen little of the outright vicious attacks on candidates common on other sites. I also like that most of us are very supportive of Zenger's tight-vested approach to the search. All this speaks well of Jayhawk fandom, and could even make the football job more attractive to a quality coach looking for a loyal, but not mean-spirited fan base.

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Coaching Search 2011: Day 9, 8:38 p.m. - Report: Fedora accepts North Carolina job; Where does Kansas go from here and how quickly?

Just to clear up carterpatterson's comment that Nutt resigned at Arkansas. Not really the case. He was chased out because Hog fans simply didn't take to him. He was successful on the field, but never developed a positive chemistry with very demanding UA fans whose whole lives revolve around their football team.
As for the ongoing search. I'm sure Zenger realizes that his future career hinges heavily on getting the right football coach. It didn't end well for the two previous coaches. I hate to contemplate what another similar disaster would do to KU. I suspect that conference realignment etc. are not done and I fear KU will be relegated to the college sports netherland -- along with Memphis, Louisville, UConn and other "basketball schools" -- unless we become nationally competitive in football.
Let's give Zenger all the slack he needs. Then we can hang him if he messes up.

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Can’t quite ‘believe’

I spent several years as a sports reporter for one of the wire services on the East Coast, covering professional and college sports -- ACC basketball and football, the then-Baltimore Colts, Navy football. I give that background to support my belief that Tom Keegan is a lazy and not particularly bright columnist. He gives it away by admiting he doesn't know what goes on in the KU coaches meeting. When I was writing about sports I always had solid inside sources who could tell me what was going on within the program. Keegan admits he is not connected to the KU football program and only sees the scoreboard. To judge Gill solely by scoreboard after only two years into what everyone recognizes is a massive rebuilding program is shallow and insulting to the readers. What I want to know is whether Gill is making progress in the intangibles -- do players and coaches have confidence in Gill's leadership? Is he laying the foundation for long-term success? Is he developing good relationships with high school coaches that will pay off in recruting? Those are the issues a competent sports writer would be focusing on at this stage of Gill's tenure. But Keegan sees only what is apparent to everyone -- that KU is getting blown out. Good reporting is not stating the obvious; it is getting inside, knowing the people, taking the pulse of the program. The LJW really needs to find a columnist who can back up opinions with solid, informed reporting. That's what we look for in KU's hometown newspaper. Instead, we get nothing but mindless bloviating from someone who clearly has not done the work he was hired to do.

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Don’t count KU out of basketball title chase

Good, clear, concise analysis, Texashawk10. I particularly liked your point about the number of upperclassmen. We might finally get away from the obsession with the freshman phenoms -- Henry, Selby -- and realize that experience and game wisdom count. Remember all the trouble KU has had with Missouri Valley teams that are loaded with veterans who understand the game and are disciplined to play solid basketball. This could be that kind of team.

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Regent: Big 12 still best fit for Kan. schools

I get your point about Kansas being more of a western than eastern state with its cowboy heritage etc. The problem is that KU is first and foremost a basketball school. Basketball is primarily an East Coast sport, an urban centered sport. The time differences mean that KU would never be seen in such talent-rich places as NYC, Philly, Baltimore etc. That means the future TTaylors, TRobs, etc. would have little exposure to Kansas and look elsewhere. While the west has some good teams -- UCLA, Arizona -- they are almost afterthoughts in national basketball discussions. No one on the east coast is going to stay up past midnight to watch a KU-Cal game. But they would love to watch a KU-Georgetown or Temple contest.

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Scenarios abound for Big 12

Brock: You need to read some of Dan Jenkins' books that center on TCU football. They have a great history. I'm sure the name Amon Carter means nothing to you, which just shows how little you know about college football history. In addition to their recent outstanding football teams, TCU is also an excellent academic school, as is Baylor. Moreover, with Perry Jones back, Baylor is likely to be KU's top challenger in this year's Big 12 basketball race. Dinky little religious schools? I think not. More like Notre Dame, BYU and Boston College.
Sadly, Brock, your religious bigotry is showing.

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Realignment Today: 1:59 p.m. - The latest on Mizzou and the extensive expansion rumors surrounding the Big 12

Matt: Just a note to say that I, and I'm sure most people on this site, sincerely appreciate your work keeping us abreast of the realignment craziness. Solid work chasing down leads the wind up to be rumors that wind up to be total fantasies. I'm confident that everything will be fine as regards KU. We've got a great national reputation (I've lived on both coasts -- post-grad fellowship at Stanford, worked in Vermont, Pennsylvania and Maryland -- and know that to be true.) Forget all the phony ratings stuff. KU matches up with the best schools in the country, academically, socially and athletically -- even more so once Turner Gill gets the football program on track and the new AD boosts the women's and Olympic sports.

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